A sadhak tells about Ram Kripa, Guru Mahima and Amritvani Kripa

A sadhak after years of sadhana was getting disappointed due to little spiritual growth.  She said,

I was disappointed with not growing spiritually the way I expected to.  My behavior towards others was not getting much better either.  I could not too dhyan too well .. at the time of meditation my thoughts about the world were becoming stronger and stronger.

Somehow, I kept reciting Amritvani daily, little jap and simran, and with Ram Kripa (God’s Grace) I, once again got interested in doing sadhana with a new attitude.  I owe this to my beloved Gurujans who have sowed the seeds of Ram Nam in my innermost being and they have finally begun to sprout.  I will encourage everyone to never, never give up the sadhana no matter what happens.

Once Pujya Dr. Vishwamitter Ji Maharaj had said in his pravachan that:

Parmatma Kripa, Guru Kripa, and Granth Kripa is upon, what is missing is mun kripa (mind’s grace) and that is required.

Let us keep on practicing putting our mind towards our spiritual practice and stay closely in touch with our Gurujans in  our meditation, by listening to their pravachans, dhuns, and viewing their beautiful and blissful photos.


How an uninitiated person was helped during a medical treatment

An uninitiated person was given an Amritvani booklet with Swamiji Maharaj’s picture on the front and asked to say Ram Ram during a medical treatment.  Following are that person’s words after the treatment:

“Just wanted you to know that you and your Guru (and mantra) were very helpful during my root canal procedure on Friday – no pain at all!  Of course, I had some shots – but they had to leave out one ingredient and the doctor wasn’t sure if it would be enough analgesic without that ingredient – guess he didn’t know I had a Guru in my pocket…”

This could serve as a reminder to all of us who are initiated sadhaks to do our practice with steadfast faith.  It is no surprise that grace of Shree Ram and Guru is with us – “Ram Naam Mud Mangalkari, Kasht Hare Sab Paatakhari”  (as mentioned in the Pravachan Piyush).

Ram Ram

Shree Ram Ki Mahima – a true story

A person in a western country who had not heard of Shree Ram or Ram Jap was told about how repeating Ram Ram can help him in time of trouble or when he felt low physically or mentally. (He had no initiation from any Guru Maharaj – he was just told to do this by an ordinary sadhak)

According to him one day he was all dressed up to go to work but he was not feeling good inside. He remembered and said Ram only once. Immediately he felt as if some thing inside of him waking up and giving him lots of energy. He felt really good about going to work in just a few seconds.

Imagine what Ram Nam can do for us sadhaks (who have been initiated) if we had stronger faith and practiced according to our Gurujans’ instructions.

Ram Nam ki Mahima – our Gurujans and other Bhaktas have sung glories of Ram Nam recently, over thousands of years, and in all yugas.

Jai Shree Ram.