Ram Simran – Ram Japa while thinking about Lord Ram

Japa of Ram Mantra given by our most beloved Guru.  We are doing Ram Ram while keeping its meaning in mind – Shree Ram is the source and infinite reservoir of all powers, Absolute Truth, Source of light/knowledge/consciousness whose true nature is to impart bliss.

 The One who is infinite and who is present everywhere so He is as close to us as anything can be and even closer because He resides in us as the soul. Supreme Soul is the One that lives in each one of us as the soul, so says Pujya Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj.

With that bhavana or the attitude and feeling we must remember Ram, do the simran to be close to Shree Ram –  always … we promised Pujya Swami Ji Maharaj that we will do that always and never give up.

Ram Ram Ji.


We may surrender to Shree Ram – but is our surrender accepted?

Our loving gurujans tell us that Shree Ram knows our heart just like a mother knows her child.  If we do not mean to surrender completely our surrender is not accepted.  So until then what do we do with our Bhakti?

Well, like anything else we need to simply continue our practice of jap, simran, an dhyan with complete devotion and cry for our Divine Mother Ram to accept our surrender.   As beloved Maharajji say we must cry for Her Love like a new born child and cry more and more.  One day She will accept her as beloved divine child.  Her nature is to love.  Shree Ram says that I only know how to love and all of you are my beloved.

So it is our turn to show the real love by doing our sadhana with the attitude of utmost respect and love for our Divine Mother.

Rama Rama Ratate Ratate – Dhun and Lesson

It was really moving to hear Pujya Maharajji sing the dhun:

Rama Rama Ratate Ratate Beeti Ri Umariya,

Rama Rama Ratate Ratate Beeti Ri Umariya.

Rama Rama Ratate Ratate Beeti Ri Umariya,

Hey Raghunandan Aa Bhi Jayo Shabri Ki Jhumparia.

Pujya Maharajji reminded us that as Ma Shabri we must learn to have patience.

First of all we will be very lucky if we can cultivate our feelings/Bhavana for Lord Ram as Ma Shabri had in her heart.   Second, if we can truly say that our life has been in constant rememberance (Simran) of Lord Ram.  Third, it will be great if we can have patience and faith of Ma Shabri.


Power of Ram Naam and blessings of our Gurujans

Through the grace of our Pujya Gurudev we have been blessed with Ram Naam.  While we read in Amritvani that Parmaatma Sri Ram is all powerful .. omnipotent. We are connected to the source and reservoir of all powers through Ram Naam.

Then why do we have a weak mind?  Why are we not able to use our intellect to take care of our responsibilites and do benevolent actions?

Is it because we do not have total faith in God or do we not yet totally believe what our Gurujans have said? … or is it something else?

Regardless of whether we know the answers to these questions or not, we can at least pay close attention to what Maharajji says,”We have Ram in us but it is lying dormant”  – so  we must wake up this power in us by Jap, Simran, and Dhyan. And with the strength we gain from our practice we can follow the path shown to us with renewed determination and resolve.

Maharajji explains (in USA Open Satsang) that in Amritvani it is mentioned:

Ram-Ram Bhaj Kar Sri Ram

Kariye Nitya Hee Uttam Kaam

(and not …. Kariye Nitya Hee Uttam Kaam,  Ram-Ram Bhaj Kar Sri Ram)

So as he is guiding us, let us keep Ram Naam in the forefront and do the benevolent actions and take care of our duties and responsibilities and be ready to recieve maximum benefit of Ram Kripa.

Once again Maharajji says be patient and never lose hope.

Jai Jai Ram

Kartavya Karm main galti na ho – Kaise

Hum baar -baar yeh galti karte hain ki hamara dhyan karm ke phal par laga rehta hai. Aisi galti karne se hum sum ho kar karm nahin karte.

In Bhagavadgita, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna (as per Swamiji Maharaj’s translation):

Karm hi main (kartavya paalan karne main hi) tera adhikar hai, karm se utpan huye phalo main (tera adhikar) kadachit bhi nahin hai.

Yeh galti kaise band hogi?

  1. Bhagavadgita dhyan se pade aur aachar main laayen
  2. Simran karain (Ram Naam Bahut pyara Naam hai)
  3. Nishkam bhav se seva karain.
  4. Paramaatmaa ki kripa mangain
  5. Satsang main jaayen (Sat purush/Sant ke paas)

Parmaatmaa Shree Ram – May I continue to fail in your school

Parmaatmaa Shree Ram, I do not know how to do simran properly, if I did I would be full of love, compassion, and walking on the path shown to me by Guru Maharaj.

Let me become a baby again and enroll in your school where you are the teacher, my Lord -mere Param Guru.  Teach me how to do the Ram Naam in the way I need to learn to do.  May I continue to fail in the kindergarten and stay there forever to learn to do Ram Naam with love.

Paramaatma, from time to time you may be too busy attending to many others’ needs you, at that time Lord, I would love to learn once again from our loving Gurujans who have blessed me with Ram Naam.

Two ways for Sadhaks to progress spiritually

One way for us, the sadhaks, to progress on the spiritual path is to remember the truth about ourselves or our essence or our authentic self. That is to remind ourselves again and again that,”Mai satya, nitya, shudh, chaitanaya, shaktimayi atma hoon” as mentioned in the Pravachan-Piyush by Shree Swami Ji Maharaj. It also helps to read the twelve Aatmic Bhavanain from the Bhakti Prakash in order to really understand our essence or the truth about ourselves.

Another way for the sadhaks to progress is to practice letting go of Mai or “I”. In one of story Pujya Maharaj JI tells us in his discourse about two Sant Mahatmas who are great friends …. one of them goes to the other’s home and asks him to open the door.

Mahatma inside – “Who is there?”.

The Mahatma outside – “I am here friend, open the door!”

Mahatma inside – “Kaun Murakh hai jo apne aap ko mai keh raha hai?” (Who is the stupid person who is calling himself “I”?)

Letting go of Mai or “I” is what Pujya Maharaj Ji has told us in one of his discourses, “Apna astitva hi mita do”. The more we let go of the “I” or Mai the lesser we will be concerned with small problems we face in the material life and more we will be inclined to do our sadhana.

This morning Shree Ram, the Param Guru, inspired this mind with the following three thoughts:

  1. “Whenever the word “I” keeps coming up – I should think, ” Kaun hai murakh …. Who is the stupid person who is saying “I”?
  2. Whenever the mind or intellect says,” Yeh maine kiya hai , ya yeh mai kar raha hoon…. I have done this or I am doing this – immeditately think, “Kaun hain murakh … or who is the stupid person who is saying I have done this or doing this?” (“Lord is the sole doer” – Pujya Maharaj Ji)
  3. Same thing goes for “yeh mera hai or this is mine”

Anyone who can practice the above two ways is very likely to grow spiritually with Shree Ram’s Kripa which one can experience by doing “adhik se adhik simran … More and more simran or loving Jap of Ram Naam while keeping its meaning in mind”

Of course, needless to say, the best way for each one of us to progress spiritually is to follow the instructions given by our loving Gurujans.