Happy Janamashtami – Bhagavad Gita and Amritvani. English and Hindi audio


Letter to Swamiji Maharaj from sadhaks

Param Pujya Swamiji Maharaj,

As you know all the Shreeram Sharnam Ashrams celebrated your birthday with jap, bhajans, and dhyan, etc. this month.

Swamiji Maharaj,  in the worldly traditions people give gifts to the person on their birthday but Parmatma Shree Ram has given us the gift of your birth to us.

Now we ask you to please give us the buddhi so that we can give our self (apna aap hi de dein) to you as a gift to you or to Parmatma.  Well, it is one and the same as our beloved Dr. Vishwamitterji Maharaj says,

Sant aur Parmatma dou nahin hai – woh tou ek ho gaye hain (Saint-Soul and Supreme Soul are not two – they have become One).  Sant-Mahatma say that …To love God is to love all.

Swamiji Maharaj, we ask you in just the opposite of worldly tradition, that you bless us with another gift –  the gift of Naam Pyar so that our love for Shree Ram and our Gurujans keeps on multiplying by leaps and bounds – and that be expressed in our behaviors with all people.



How an Atma becomes a Mahatma

It seems like any person who has understood that he or she is an Atma, a Shudh Atma is getting closer to closer to Parmatma.  Furthermore, the history of such people who have bonded with Parmatma in a loving relationship like Mother or Ma, then Parmatma treats them differently – meaning not according to their karmas but the way Parmatma wants to run their life.

Communicating with Lord Ma like a new born or a very young baby, one begins communing with the Lord.  Then the Lord Ma drops the “Lord: and loves the baby like a mother who is so attached to the baby.

This so called baby becomes a Mahatma, a Sant or Saint, and we have seen or heard of few of these  Sant-Mahatmas whose relationship with Parmatma was of a small child and mother.

Many of the readers may be aware of Ramakrishna Parmahansa and our own Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj, Prem Ji Maharaj, and Dr. Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj have had the same relationship and bhavana.

Those of you who can come and attend  USA Open Satsang and specially thos who live in the western part of the world do not miss the opportunity to be with Maharajji and do your sadhana.

If anyone is interested to attend, please send an email to – usaopensatsang@gmail.com or review the entire program schedule on

Jyot se jyot jaga de Ram

We have been given Ram Naam  through our Pujya Gurudev by Swamiji Maharaj.  He is the one received it directly from Shree Ram.

Since we have the maha-mantra and we are doing jaap, dhyan, etc. but we may not be making the progress in our sadhana the way we are capable of making.  It depends on our bhav or attitude.  To change that let us imagine every time we chant ram think about it creating a new vibration that turns into jyot.  See that jyot in your inner being and also in others.

Jagat ka jeevan jaano Ram, Jag ki jyoti jaajalayaman … (Amritvani)

This jyoti is everywhere and we must be willing to see it.  This can change our sadhana, improve our attitude toward the great mantra that we have been blessed with the grace of Lord Ram, Swamiji Maharaj, and our Gurudev.

Let us keep this jyot lit in our life by continuously adding the oil of Ram Jap into the lamp that gives knowledge of Supreme, peace, and bliss beyond our imagination.  Let us do the jap and sing dhuns and bhajans, and pray ….

Jyot se jyot jaga de Ram, Jyot se ……

Divine Mother

Recently Pujya Maharajji  mentioned (in USA Open Satsang) that we don’t get close to God or Divine Mother because .. “Shayad Hamne Dusri Ma Kar Lee Hai” (Maybe we have adapted another Mother).

A few days after I heard It seems as if Maharajji was saying that we  bow, and say namaskar to Maya … “Dusri Ma”  but not to Divine Mother , at least not with all of our being.  Our mind and intellect are still in the world and want the world, more than God.

Shree Swamiji Maharaj also says in Amritvani:

Sarva Shaktimate Parmaatmane Sri Ramaaya Namaha. (I bow before Sri Ram who is vested with all powers … source and reservoir of all powers… seek shelter with the Supreme Soul … dedicate and surreder myself unto Him!)

Also in the end of Amritvani we read and hear:

… Ramaaya Namaha, Sri Ramaaya Namaha.

So let us not do Maya Namaah, instead follow our Gurujans and do Sri Ramaaya Namah.

(Let us not get caught up in Maya but as our Gurujans teach us to bow and seek shelter in Lord Ma, Divine Mother, Supreme Soul Sri Ram only then with the Grace of our Gurujans and Sri Ram we can be liberated).