Impure mind and Ram Naam

Everyone at one time or another has had impure thoughts in their mind and everyone has a potential to reach the highest.  Looking inward we will find our mind is or has been full of impure thoughts.

As Sant Kabir says:

Bura jo dekhan main chala, bura na milaya koye

Jo man khoja apna, tau mujhse bura na koye.

This morning the following thought came in mind while doing dhyan:

Jitna bhi ho man kala

Ram Naam usme kar dega ujaala

(No matter how impure the mind is Ram Naam can make it pure)

Fellow spiritual aspirants it seems that our Gurujans. other Sant-Mahatmas, and Param Guru Shree Ram are not only telling us about that but they guarantee that Ram Naam can enlighten us.  So let us listen to our beloved Gurujans and do more and more Jaap, Simran, Dhyan, and Seva whenever possible and attend Satsangs at Shreeramsharnam to receive more and more Ram Kripa and Guru Kripa.

Jai Jai Ram.


Loving Chaitanaya Bhav, Gyaan, and Ram

Over and over our Gurujans have described in their granths, pravachans, and have sung about chaitanaya bhav, gyan, and loving Ram by doing jap, simran, seva, sanyam, and satsang.

Ram Naam Jab Jage Abhang, Chetan-Bhav Jage Sukh Sang ….

Ram Naam Sudha-Ras Saagar, Ram Naam Gyaan-Gun Aagar ….

Ram Simran Sab Se Ooncha, Ram Shakti Sukh Gyaan Samoocha ….              (Amritvani)

Is that happening in our lives – are we experiencing that love?

Most of us will probably answer  – NO, or not enough.  How do we do that … simply listen to our Gurus and follow their direction.   Swamiji Maharaj and our Gurujans ask us to do, “adhik se adhik jaap karo”, but we do not pay attention to that and keep on trying to fulfill our wish list, desires, or kamanas, instead.

We are instructed to study Gitaji, and Ramayanji, instead we read novels and filmi magazine, watch TV and waste our time.

In Bhakti Prakash, Swamiji Maharaj points to us that, “Ram Prem Swaroop” hai.  That prem bhavana will surely rise in us if we do jap with love, remember Ram’s gun with love, and serve Ram’s human beings, and other beings with love.  So loving Ram means loving Divine Love.  Love is complete in itself.

Let us not lose hope, instead, have full faith in Ram Naam and in our Gurujans’ teachings.   Ram is always there to help, woh to ang-sang hai.  Ram Naam to taar deta hai, Ram ka kaam hi sab ko Ram banana hai – baaki tau choti-moti baaten hain.

Be inspired, be chaitnaya bhav (not deh bhav), love Gyaan, Love Ram, and most of all – let us serve our Gurujans in every way possible.

Kartavya Karm main galti na ho – Kaise

Hum baar -baar yeh galti karte hain ki hamara dhyan karm ke phal par laga rehta hai. Aisi galti karne se hum sum ho kar karm nahin karte.

In Bhagavadgita, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna (as per Swamiji Maharaj’s translation):

Karm hi main (kartavya paalan karne main hi) tera adhikar hai, karm se utpan huye phalo main (tera adhikar) kadachit bhi nahin hai.

Yeh galti kaise band hogi?

  1. Bhagavadgita dhyan se pade aur aachar main laayen
  2. Simran karain (Ram Naam Bahut pyara Naam hai)
  3. Nishkam bhav se seva karain.
  4. Paramaatmaa ki kripa mangain
  5. Satsang main jaayen (Sat purush/Sant ke paas)

This may be of help to Sadhaks – Lessons and inspirations

As Pujya Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj (Pujya Maharaj JI) says that Sab Ram Karta Hai – Lord is the sole doer, keeping that in mind Shree Ram made it clear this morning to this child that Satsangati and Sankirtan are very important for every Sadhak. As mentioned by Pujya Maharaj JI in one of his discourses of Naarad Bhakti that to have Sanyam, Sadaachar, Seva, and Simran in our lives we must have Satsangati – or association of Sant Mahatma, Satpurush, Sadguru, etc.

Sadhaks must have faith that the Satsangati and Sankirtan will definitely help us lead a life of self-discipline and self-control over our negative habits and behaviors, in addition to that we will have the opportunity to serve others with nishkam bhav or desiring no fruit of our actions, and last but not least the Simran …. Ram Naam Jap with love, devotion, and feeling of connectedness to Paramatma Shree Ram.

In Bhakti Prakash reading yesterday, a message from Swami Ji Maharaj was crystal clear – that is to simply surrender to Shree Ram and even forget about Sakaam or Nishkam Karma. That is the same thing mentioned in his Gita Saar and also Pujya Maharaj Ji mentions that in one of his discourse … Lord Krishna telling Arjuna that Chhor sab ye Karmyog, Gyanyog, Bhaktiyog, aur sab yog, meri sharan mein aa ja, Arjun tera aur mera ghar ek hai. (Lord Krishna,”Arjun, leave all the paths of yoga such as Karma Yoga, Gyan Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, simply surrender to me and know that your home/abode and my home/abode is one and the same”) 🙂

For those of us who can’t be with our Sant Mahatmas in person for any reason, distance or lack of physical health, we can simply remember what Pujya Maharaj Ji told us at the time of diksha that our Gurujans are always protecting us and helping us in our sadhana. So we can simply choose to do Sankirtan and Simran while feeling that our Gurujans are with us, I believe this will help us become better human beings and our sadhana will progress with Ram Kripa and with Guru Kripa.

Please let others Sadahaks know of your understanding, experiences, and thoughts about same or similar subjects. It will also help me if you add a comment below.

Jai Jai Ram.