Getting back on the spiritual path with determination

When we may not be doing the sadhana as advised by our Gurujans or when we get off our path, we may want to connect with our loving Guru and ask for help or advice.

If we can’t be with Guru Maharaj physically, we can connect in our meditation or mental communication – while doing so we need to pay close attention and truly get Guru Maharaj’s message. Maybe Guru Maharaj is telling us “Vaapas aa jayo marg par” – just to return to our sadhana or spiritual practice. We may notice when we do come back to our spiritual practice of Ram Naam and start changing our behaviors back to positive ones, we may experience happiness and bliss. Again listen carefully to what Guru Maharaj is saying “Anand aa raha hai na vaapas aane ka aur Ram Naam japne ka” – Aren’t you receiving happiness and bliss by coming back to the path and doing Ram Naam jap?.

My beloved sadhaks, it is only with Ram Kripa we get to do the purushaarth of sadhana, as a bhakta thinks, and also mentioned by our loving Gurujans many times. It is with Guru Kripa that we get our connection stronger with Paramatma and we experience happiness and bliss in Ram Naam.

Let us do “adhik se adhik jap”, satsangati, sankirtan, and some swadhaya also to get back on our path with determination not to get off it again. Remember we promised our Guru Maharaj at the time of diksha that we will not do that. May Shree Ram give us all the strength to stay on our given and chosen path.


Last two days – the practice and disappointment in self

Over the last two days the practice of Satsangati by listening to discourses and feeling the presence of Gurujans is going fairly well. The disappointment is in my not exercising self-control in eating habits … not eating on time, and eating in between meals, and also watching TV a little too much (although it is much less than before).

Pujya Maharaj Ji says in his Pravachan not to lose hope. I not only trust that Satsangati along with Jap is going to help with sanyam or self-control, I am already seeing signs of Guru Kripa and Ram Kripa in that matter. In my understanding the seeds of Satsangati and Jap are sown and fruit will be in the form of sanyam or self-control, simran, and whatever else Shree Ram wishes. Together they can help any sadhak’s practice. I pray that all of us have love for Naam and the Naami.

Jai Jai Ram.

This may be of help to Sadhaks – Lessons and inspirations

As Pujya Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj (Pujya Maharaj JI) says that Sab Ram Karta Hai – Lord is the sole doer, keeping that in mind Shree Ram made it clear this morning to this child that Satsangati and Sankirtan are very important for every Sadhak. As mentioned by Pujya Maharaj JI in one of his discourses of Naarad Bhakti that to have Sanyam, Sadaachar, Seva, and Simran in our lives we must have Satsangati – or association of Sant Mahatma, Satpurush, Sadguru, etc.

Sadhaks must have faith that the Satsangati and Sankirtan will definitely help us lead a life of self-discipline and self-control over our negative habits and behaviors, in addition to that we will have the opportunity to serve others with nishkam bhav or desiring no fruit of our actions, and last but not least the Simran …. Ram Naam Jap with love, devotion, and feeling of connectedness to Paramatma Shree Ram.

In Bhakti Prakash reading yesterday, a message from Swami Ji Maharaj was crystal clear – that is to simply surrender to Shree Ram and even forget about Sakaam or Nishkam Karma. That is the same thing mentioned in his Gita Saar and also Pujya Maharaj Ji mentions that in one of his discourse … Lord Krishna telling Arjuna that Chhor sab ye Karmyog, Gyanyog, Bhaktiyog, aur sab yog, meri sharan mein aa ja, Arjun tera aur mera ghar ek hai. (Lord Krishna,”Arjun, leave all the paths of yoga such as Karma Yoga, Gyan Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, simply surrender to me and know that your home/abode and my home/abode is one and the same”) 🙂

For those of us who can’t be with our Sant Mahatmas in person for any reason, distance or lack of physical health, we can simply remember what Pujya Maharaj Ji told us at the time of diksha that our Gurujans are always protecting us and helping us in our sadhana. So we can simply choose to do Sankirtan and Simran while feeling that our Gurujans are with us, I believe this will help us become better human beings and our sadhana will progress with Ram Kripa and with Guru Kripa.

Please let others Sadahaks know of your understanding, experiences, and thoughts about same or similar subjects. It will also help me if you add a comment below.

Jai Jai Ram.

Listening to Pujya Dr. Viswa Mitter Ji Maharaj’s discourse

The following is my humble understanding only. Please feel free to correct and comment below in the box.

In his discourse Pujya Maharaj Ji says that four things are essential in our sadhana.

  1. Simran
  2. Sanyam
  3. Sadachar
  4. Seva

Then he tells us that all of these four we can’t get unless we have Satsangati.

It is clear that the association of Sant is very important in our sadhana and bhakti. If we can’t be there with the Sant physically we should try to feel that the Sadguru or Sant is with us always while we do simran (loving Jap while remembering the meaning of mantra), have sanyam (self-control) in our lives, sadachar (Right behaviors for sadhaks), and seva (selfless service). With Sant’s presence we are bound to not only get all of the four required for our sadhana but also with Sant’s grace we are going to get a stronger connection with Shreeram and our sadhana will become mangalmayi. This is what Sant-Mahatmas tell us again and again. Let us listen to them and make our practice of Ram Naam consistent, loving, and blissful.

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