An inspired poem about Shree Ram … Grateful to beloved Gurujans

Please click the link below to hear the audio of this poem (recorded on smart phone and linked to with tag shreeraminspired).

This poem was inspired by reading Swami Ji Maharaj’s prayers in Bhakti Prakash and listening to them from Pujya Dr. Maharaj Ji in satsang and his discourses recorded on Shreeramsharnam’s website.

Of course by Param Guru Jai Jai Ram who is the real doer.


Our Loving Gurujans – Loving Shree Ram

Maharaj ji says in his Pravachan:

Hamara Ram kitna pyara hai … hum uske bina reh sakte hain

Woh hamare bina nahin reh sakta.

Our Ram is very loving – we may be able to live without Him but He cannot live without us.

Dear Sadhaks,

We need to remember that as Shree Ram is always with us and so are our Loving Gurujans.  They have become one with Shree Ram.

Let us remember their loving words, their loving behaviors towards us, and their Loving Presence that we have experienced in Sadhana Satsangs, Amritvani Path, and other Satsangs, etc.

As Swami Ji Maharaj always said, ” Param Guru Jai Jai Ram” and that is the same Ram Naam He has bestowed upon us.

Jai Gurudev, Jai Jai Ram.

Benefits of attending Satsang

Satsang is being around Sadguru or a realized saint-soul.  When we are in this kind of company our negative karma for that time period is made inactive and our positive karma is activated.  In this way we are able to do our sadhana or spiritual practice with our heart and mind in it.

There are three ways we can receive Guru’s Grace:

  1. By the sound of his/her words
  2. By his/her sight
  3. By his/her touch

Guru and Parmatma (Param Guru), both are always giving us something highly beneficial for our growth, to become a better human being, energy to take care of our responsibilities, strength to bear the suffering and pain, and the practice for moksha, and more.

Loving Chaitanaya Bhav, Gyaan, and Ram

Over and over our Gurujans have described in their granths, pravachans, and have sung about chaitanaya bhav, gyan, and loving Ram by doing jap, simran, seva, sanyam, and satsang.

Ram Naam Jab Jage Abhang, Chetan-Bhav Jage Sukh Sang ….

Ram Naam Sudha-Ras Saagar, Ram Naam Gyaan-Gun Aagar ….

Ram Simran Sab Se Ooncha, Ram Shakti Sukh Gyaan Samoocha ….              (Amritvani)

Is that happening in our lives – are we experiencing that love?

Most of us will probably answer  – NO, or not enough.  How do we do that … simply listen to our Gurus and follow their direction.   Swamiji Maharaj and our Gurujans ask us to do, “adhik se adhik jaap karo”, but we do not pay attention to that and keep on trying to fulfill our wish list, desires, or kamanas, instead.

We are instructed to study Gitaji, and Ramayanji, instead we read novels and filmi magazine, watch TV and waste our time.

In Bhakti Prakash, Swamiji Maharaj points to us that, “Ram Prem Swaroop” hai.  That prem bhavana will surely rise in us if we do jap with love, remember Ram’s gun with love, and serve Ram’s human beings, and other beings with love.  So loving Ram means loving Divine Love.  Love is complete in itself.

Let us not lose hope, instead, have full faith in Ram Naam and in our Gurujans’ teachings.   Ram is always there to help, woh to ang-sang hai.  Ram Naam to taar deta hai, Ram ka kaam hi sab ko Ram banana hai – baaki tau choti-moti baaten hain.

Be inspired, be chaitnaya bhav (not deh bhav), love Gyaan, Love Ram, and most of all – let us serve our Gurujans in every way possible.

Baar Baar Sant-Mahatma ke paas jayen

Jahan se hamein paise ki kamaai hoti hai, chaahe naukri se ya vyapaar se, wahan hum baar baar jaate hain.  Hamein jahan se Ram-Naam ki kamaai milne ka mauka mila hai, Sant-Mahatma se wahan hum baar baar kyon nahin jaate.

Sant-Mahatma ke paas baar baar jaayiye aur satsang aur sankirtan kariye, aur iss ka pura laabh uthaiye.   Sab Sant-Mahatma kehte hai aur hamare Pujya Gurujano ne bhi kai bar kaha hai ki Ram Naam se bar kar aur koi kamaai nahin hai.

Hamein paise ki kamaai ke saath saath jahan jaana hai uski bhi kamai karni chaahiye.  Pujya Dr. Vishwa Mitter JI Maharaj kehte hai – Khubh paisa kamayo magar, saath saath utna hi Ram Naam bhi japo – adhik se adhik japo.

Sab par Ram Kripa bani rahe.