Bliss – Anand, a series of dialogs between two sadhaks called RRJ and EW

RRJ:  Namaste EW.  Imagine you are having Leela in your mind.

What would you like to gain from or experience from practice of Ram Naam?

EW:  Namaste.  I would like to have Anand.

RRJ:  Okay.  Remember Pujya Maharaj Ji has said…Ram hee Ma hai aur Ma hee Ram hai.  Get this feeling right now that you are sitting in Divine Mothers lap.  So pick any word that starts with or has a letter R, A, M, or N for Naam that will give you Anand or Bliss.  You can also sing a dhun or a bhajan if you like.

EW:  Ram Japo Ram Japo…Ram Japo Ram Japo

RRJ:  Now close your eyes and be still and practice Ram Naam in your mind and experience Anand.  Can you do this for a few minutes?

EW:  Yes.

After a few minutes – both of us opened the eyes and shared our experiences of feeling happier and peaceful.

EW:  I will do this for a longer period of time from now on.  This was easy and had a blissful feeling in it.

RRJ:  Swami Ji Maharaj encouraged sadhaks in this manner – While doing practice on Mala let your fingers, tongue, and ears dance to the tune of Ram with bliss or anand.

EW:  Great.  Let us do this for a few minutes.

A sense of sweet taste in the mouth along with continued anand or bliss  was flowing through us.



Mere Ram Meri Ma

Kripa Karo Mere Ram Kripa Karo

Mere Ram Tujhe Main Kaise Janoo, Kaise Pehchanoo

Na Tu Dikhta Hai, Na Tu Bolta Hai

Par Tere Naam Ka Gun-Gaaan To Teeno Lok Main Hota Hai

Suna Hai Aise Maine, Par Sunane Se Balak Santusht Nahin Hota Hai

Santo Ne Tere Naam Ki Mahima Gayee Hai

Sadguru Ne Tera Naam-Daan Diya Yeh Unki Badai Hai

Issi ko Sambhavta Prem Kahte Hain

Balak To Ma Ki Gaud Main Prem Paate Hain

Ma Apni Gaud Main Bitha Kar Krip-Rupi Dudh  Pila

Iss Dudh-Muhe Balak Ko

Apni Prem Bhari Aankhon Se Nihar Mujhe

Tujhe Bhi Aise Hi Niharoon Yeh Sikha Mujhe

Mere Ram Kripa Karo Aisi Kripa Karo

Ram Naam ka Charanamrit peejiye – Partake Divine Nectar of Ram Naam

Imagine “Ra” and “M” two holy feet (charan) of Lord Ram and let the sound ruminate in your innermost being.  Taste the sweetness of this sound (do bhajanam).   At first we may not taste the sweet divine nectar because we are filled with thoughts and desires of the world still.  Keep on chanting Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram … with an attitude that your inner mind is being cleansed as Shree Swamiji Maharaj says in the Valmiki Ramayansaar (Page 592, verse 6)

रा, मुख से उचारते , पाप बही सब जाये

फिर भीतर आवे नहीं , म, कपाट हो जाये

Gaining inner strength from Ram Naam

Nirbal ka bal Ram.  Ram se bada Ram ka Naam.

We have heard this many times.  We are fortunate to have received Naam Deeksha.  We must get the full benefit out of Ram Naam in our devotion and taking care of our responsibilities.

Now, how do we go about gaining this inner strength and what are we supposed to with this inner strength.  As Shree Swamiji Maharaj describes in Amritvani:

Ram Ram Bhaj Kar Sri Ram,

Kariye Nitya Hee Uttam Kaam.

Jitne Kartavya Karm Kalaap,

Kariye Ram-Ram Kar Jaap.

As mentioned by Swamiji Maharaj we must do this, that is Ram Ram Bhajiye without stopping (performed daily, without fail) and do it with reverence.  In a recent discourse by Shree Dr. Vishwamitterji Maharaj said that he calls Ram Ma because that is the relationship, Shree Swamiji Maharaj and Shree Prem ji Maharaj had with Paramaatma Shree Ram.  He adds:

Ram is Ma and Ma is Ram.

So we do Ram Bhajan, simran, and jap with love as a child is calling her beloved mother. Our Gurujans guarantee, give us assurances over and over that we will get the inner strength to take care of all our responsibilities and we will do a better job of it with Ram Kripa.

Kis Ram ka hum jap aur dhyan karte hain

I remember one time reading in Pravachan Piyush that Shree Swamiji Maharaj ne haath upar kar ke ghuma kar kaha (something to the effect) “Ram-Naam teeno lok mein gunj raha hai, aur spashat dikhayi de raha hai ki kalyaan kar raha hai” .

Ham uss Ram ka jap aur dhyaan karte hain jisk gun Shree Swamiji Mharaj aur bahut Sant logo ne gaaye hain. Vakyaa hi Shree Swamiji Maharaj apne grantho mein rahate hain aur jaise ki Gurujan bataate hain weh hamare saath hamesha hain – hamari sahayata aur suraksha kar rahe hain.

Kayee logo ne jin-hone Ram Naam ki diksha abhi tak nahin lee, woh bhi bataate hain ki kaise unka jeevan sudhar raha hai Ram-Ram karne se. Ek ne kaha ki uski tension kam ho rahi hai aur thori thori shanti ka anubahav ho raha hai…. ek aur ne kaha ki usko Ram ki dhwani sunayi di aur woh apne aap hi Ram-Ram bolne lag gaya. Yeh hai Ram ki mahima !

Hum tau bahut bhagyashaali hain ki hamein Ram-Naam ka daan mila hai. Hum bhi isska adhik se adhik laabh le, apna jeevan sudharane mein aur Ram Kripa ka maange Ram-Naam ka maha daan.

The connection between the above messages are clear. Now each one of us has to have more faith and do our practice as shown by our Gurujans.

Parmaatmaa Shree Ram – May I continue to fail in your school

Parmaatmaa Shree Ram, I do not know how to do simran properly, if I did I would be full of love, compassion, and walking on the path shown to me by Guru Maharaj.

Let me become a baby again and enroll in your school where you are the teacher, my Lord -mere Param Guru.  Teach me how to do the Ram Naam in the way I need to learn to do.  May I continue to fail in the kindergarten and stay there forever to learn to do Ram Naam with love.

Paramaatma, from time to time you may be too busy attending to many others’ needs you, at that time Lord, I would love to learn once again from our loving Gurujans who have blessed me with Ram Naam.