Next step for Shreeramsharnam and us after Pujya Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj

Many Sadhaks and Shishyas of Param Pujya Dr. Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj were wondering what will happen next.

Now it is clear for Shreeramsharnam and us.

 Shree Swami Satyanand Dharmarth Trust has announced that:  No new person will take the position of Guru.  Pujya Maharaj Ji had also not prepared anyone to take his place.  You can read more by clicking on the link below:

We will miss Pujya Maharaj Ji’s physical presence immensly.  His love, smile, and aura has had a very positive effect on all of us.  Now we need to follow the teachings and exemplary life style of all three of our Gurujans.

We know that Param Guru Jai Jai Ram is always with us.  To bring back the loving memories of our Gurujans all we have to do is to do Ram Simran and Simran of our Gurujans and be rest assured they are protecting us and guiding us in every step of our life.

Jai Jai Ram.


Ram Simran – Ram Japa while thinking about Lord Ram

Japa of Ram Mantra given by our most beloved Guru.  We are doing Ram Ram while keeping its meaning in mind – Shree Ram is the source and infinite reservoir of all powers, Absolute Truth, Source of light/knowledge/consciousness whose true nature is to impart bliss.

 The One who is infinite and who is present everywhere so He is as close to us as anything can be and even closer because He resides in us as the soul. Supreme Soul is the One that lives in each one of us as the soul, so says Pujya Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj.

With that bhavana or the attitude and feeling we must remember Ram, do the simran to be close to Shree Ram –  always … we promised Pujya Swami Ji Maharaj that we will do that always and never give up.

Ram Ram Ji.

Just Looking At His Picture Gave Many People Peace and More

One person mentioned that looking at Param Pujya Vishwa Maharajji’s picture as a wallpaper on his computer brings him peace.  Several people are amazed to see the glow on His face when they see the picture.

Pujya Maharajji’s dhun says it all:

Rama dey charana dee preet, charana dee mauj badi. (Lord Ram, give us the love of your holy feet or holy name – at your holy feet or in your holy name there is bliss)

Let us take the first step on the path our Gurujans have covered and shown us how to do that by exemplary living.  One step will lead to the next and so on.

Param Pujya Swami Ji Maharaj says that we should never give up our practice and hope to succeed until our last breath.