Mahatma Gandhi Ji and Prem Ji Maharaj – What is common among them?

Two great leaders and servants, we celebrate your birthday today.  Both of them served their countrymen and mankind.  Swami Ji Maharaj influenced them both.  He gave Gandhi Ji a Mala and asked him to do Ram Naam practice in a disciplined way daily.  Prem Ji Maharaj was guided and groomed to serve all sadhaks in Shreeramsharnam, people at work, and others by giving homeopathic medicines for their ailments.

Let us celebrate it by following in their footsteps.  Starting today we can be more aware of our culture and heritage that includes Nishkam Seva, Nishkam Prarthana (Selfless service and prayer).

Mahatma Gandhi was instrumental in freedom of country while Prem Ji Maharaj following in the footsteps of Swami Ji Maharaj showed us how to free ourselves from the bondage of attachments and the attractions of the world with Seva and Simran.

We pray to Lord Shree Ram to give us one small quality of each one of these two Masters who really served the Great Master, The Lord of all by serving His children.


Jyot se jyot jaga de Ram

We have been given Ram Naam  through our Pujya Gurudev by Swamiji Maharaj.  He is the one received it directly from Shree Ram.

Since we have the maha-mantra and we are doing jaap, dhyan, etc. but we may not be making the progress in our sadhana the way we are capable of making.  It depends on our bhav or attitude.  To change that let us imagine every time we chant ram think about it creating a new vibration that turns into jyot.  See that jyot in your inner being and also in others.

Jagat ka jeevan jaano Ram, Jag ki jyoti jaajalayaman … (Amritvani)

This jyoti is everywhere and we must be willing to see it.  This can change our sadhana, improve our attitude toward the great mantra that we have been blessed with the grace of Lord Ram, Swamiji Maharaj, and our Gurudev.

Let us keep this jyot lit in our life by continuously adding the oil of Ram Jap into the lamp that gives knowledge of Supreme, peace, and bliss beyond our imagination.  Let us do the jap and sing dhuns and bhajans, and pray ….

Jyot se jyot jaga de Ram, Jyot se ……

Learning from Bhakti Prakash and our Guru

Shree Swamiji Maharaj in Prarthan Pushpanjali shares with  us how to pray:

Buddhi Chit dau fefre – merre rahen arog,

Tere prem supawan ka – kar ke shubh upbhog.  (Bhakti Prakash Page 17  – 7)

[My intellect,  consciousness, and two lungs may remain disease-free,

By receiving  Your Divine Love (…Oh merciful, Supreme Being).]

(Above is only a sadhak’s understanding and translation in English and does not convey the full meaning of what Swamiji Maharaj writes in Hindi)

With Sadguru Maharaj’s grace we can receive this love by doing simran (reciting Ram Nam while keeping it’s meaning in mind).

Most sadhaks would agree that putting forth a little effort in keeping the lungs healthy by brisk walking, pranayam, or some other form of exercise that nourishes the body and mind may help us in our practice .. specially in dhyan.

Swamiji Maharaj has even dedicated a few pages to Kaya Shodhak Pranayam in Bhakti Prakash.  Those who have attended Sadhana Satsangs with Pujya Shree Dr. Vishwa Mitterji Maharaj may have seen him taking brisk walks in Haridwar and elsewhere.

Ram Ram Ji.

Grace of God and Guru

People from various faiths have experienced God’s Grace and how it has changed their lives, their relationship with God, and in becoming a better human being.

A seeker was not able to do the spiritual practice with concentration, love, and devotion to God and that caused lots of frustration to the seeker.

One day in a prayer, having a straight-talk with God, the seeker expressed the frustration of not doing the daily practice and living with old negative and bad habits, said to God,

“I am your child, think of me as your little baby – when baby is hungry, baby gets the milk from the mother; when the baby is not able to walk, father holds baby’s hand and helps the baby walk – God, I am hungry for your love, you already know this – I don’t need to ask for your love. I have failed as an adult in trying to be a better human being, so I surrender my knowledge, my intellect, and mind to you. You are merciful, with your grace my life can be transformed”

After a few minutes of crying, talking, the seeker heard, “From now on imagine that your Guru is doing the practice holding your hand, your Guru is doing the devotion, and your Guru is with you every moment”

With that the seeker’s began to experience Grace of God and Guru in a profound way.

Many Gurus, Saints, and Spiritual Masters have shared these kinds of words of wisdom about doing prayer, having a straight-talk with God, surrendering to Lord, etc. They say that any seeker can experience peace, contentment, and love of God.

Guru shows us the path. A humble Guru says that God is Supreme Guru.

Instead of trying to trying to improve our lives, trying to do devotion with concentration, trying to follow Guru – why not hold Guru’s hand and let our life be transformed and be led to God in a much easier way. If a person does not have Sadguru in his or her life then ask God, The Supreme Guru and pray for a Sadguru or a preceptor who can guide us all the way to God.