Our connection to One and only One Supreme Being

There is One and only one Supreme Being.  There is no use wasting our energy talking about or arguing with anyone about their faith, belief, etc, if they believe otherwise.  Since there is only One, who is the Source of all and infinite reservoir of all powers so everyone is part and parcel of it, or essentially the same as the One.  This is not our experience because in our mind we have numerous desires that keep us going in the opposite direction namely the world.  All we have to do is turn our attention inward and connect with Shree Ram.

As our Gurujan advise us, we simply need to do 0ur sadhana to make our connection stronger.  We have been given that connection in Naam Deeksha (Initiation by Sadguru).  By doing dhyan/meditation twice a day, morning and evening we can reconnect with Supreme Being.   Of course, we can do simran (remembering  The Lord), japa, and selfless service to strengthen our connection.

For those who attended or watched live webcast of USA Open Satsang, they heard this message from our Pujya Dr. Vishwamitter Ji Maharaj, with love and glow on his face.

Jai Jai Ram to all Sadhaks.



A sadhak tells about Ram Kripa, Guru Mahima and Amritvani Kripa

A sadhak after years of sadhana was getting disappointed due to little spiritual growth.  She said,

I was disappointed with not growing spiritually the way I expected to.  My behavior towards others was not getting much better either.  I could not too dhyan too well .. at the time of meditation my thoughts about the world were becoming stronger and stronger.

Somehow, I kept reciting Amritvani daily, little jap and simran, and with Ram Kripa (God’s Grace) I, once again got interested in doing sadhana with a new attitude.  I owe this to my beloved Gurujans who have sowed the seeds of Ram Nam in my innermost being and they have finally begun to sprout.  I will encourage everyone to never, never give up the sadhana no matter what happens.

Once Pujya Dr. Vishwamitter Ji Maharaj had said in his pravachan that:

Parmatma Kripa, Guru Kripa, and Granth Kripa is upon, what is missing is mun kripa (mind’s grace) and that is required.

Let us keep on practicing putting our mind towards our spiritual practice and stay closely in touch with our Gurujans in  our meditation, by listening to their pravachans, dhuns, and viewing their beautiful and blissful photos.

What happened today – An inspiration and an experience.

Today with the grace of Shree Ram and Pujya Gurudev an inspiration came that Ram bolo phir kuch bhi nahin bolo, kyon ki sab Ram mein hai (Just say Ram and then nothing else because all is in Ram). This was followed by a more peaceful, more blissful, and a very gentle and yet a powerful connection with Shree Ram, our Ma (Divine Mother) in each breath during dhyan (concentration – meditation). All our Gurujans have a relationship with Shree Ram as Ma.

Mere Ram teri kripa sab par sada bani rahe.  Hamara vishwas atoot rahe.  (Lord Ram, may your grace always be upon all.   May our faith be steadfast).

What happened in Dhyan after listening to D-Live Video Clip Pravachan

After listening to Pujya Maharajji  about kamanas and the word “chah” has aah in it, a strong impression was made on the mind.  In this morning’s dhyan while calling Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram with love of a child calling Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma and the aah or separation of child from the mother, three distinct experiences happened that can still be recalled:

1.   While crying for her love, the feeling of being near to the Dearest Ram was overwhelming and the pain of separation was gone for few moments.

2.  Next the word and the sound of aham (as in ahankar or false self)  and the feeling of aham burning away in Ra (“R” of agni).

3.   With the repeitition of sound of Ra..aa..mm, Ra..aa..mm, Ra..aa..mm, Ra..aa..mm, and a yearning to meet Divine Mother,  a sense of peace prevailed similar to when a child puts the head down in Mother’s lap to rest.

> Swamiji Maharaj and Premji Maharaj, both had a relationship with Parmatma as a child has with the mother.  Maharaj says, “Ram hi Ma hai aur Ma hi Ram hai”.  This is true.

Sab Santan ki Jai, Jai Jai Ram.

Here is a link to connect to this pravachan:   http://www.ibiblio.org/ram/

(Please click on and listen to pravachan of 2nd May 2010 under D-Live Video Clips)

Lord Ganesha, Ram-Naam, and the reality of our lives

You have probably have heard about the story (either from Pujya Shree Maharajji or elsewhere) about Ganeshji writing the word “Ram” on the ground and going around it because he was told by Naradji that he can go around the world by doing so.

And sometimes the reality of our lives is just the opposite …… specially at times when our dhyan is not so good,  we sit for our practice but the mind goes around the world, instead of Ram.

In Meditation – Seeking help from guru

Pujya Maharaj Ji told us at the time of initiation that Swami Ji Maharaj and Prem Ji Maharaj are always with us helping us in our spiritual practice and protecting us.

The other day in meditation I asked for their help and Pujya Maharaj JI’s voice was heard saying “Galat kaam karna band kar do – kitna dukh hota hoga Swami Ji Maharaj ko” (Stop doing things that are not conducive to spiritual life – Swami Ji Maharaj must be feeling the pain seeing me do that). Every day I pray that I only do righteous actions and when I am not able to do so I ask for forgiveness.

The lesson here is that we must make an effort to control our actions, speech, and thoughts.

Pujya Maharaj Ji says in one of his discourse: we may not succeed in our efforts to do that but we must not lose hope.

Guru who blessed you with Ram-Naam is always with you

Most of the sadhaks (spiritual seekers/devotees) will refrain from talking about them experiencing Guru’s grace and presence.  If you are sincere they might tell you a little more.  Ask anyone who has wonderful experiences with Ram-Naam and they will say that these experiences only happen due to grace of Guru and God.

Guru who has blessed you with all-powerful, loving, and benevolent Ram-Naam is always with you.  Simply do your practice according to the instructions given by your guru and experience it for yourself.

We are truly blessed who have received Ram Mantra and are inspired by Shree Ram to do our practice diligently.  Doing the practice with only asking for only grace is what Sadgurus urge us.   Trust Param Guru Shree Ram and Sadguru, your spiritual growth is in their hands.

Pujya Dr. Vishwamitter Ji Maharaj in his discourse in one of the audio CDs asks us not to think about seeing light in the forehead while doing meditation/Concentration/Dhyan.   He asks (something like), “Kya tumhe dhyan me mast hote ho ya nahin,  Kya Ram-Naam me  jhoomte ho ya nahin?”  (Do you dance with joy and receive bliss in Ram-Naam meditation?)

May you experience your guru’s presence along with Shree Ram’s presence more and more.