Before Amritvani Paath … Lord’s Will is Done … a sadhak’s experience

Every morning a sadhak tries to do Amritvani Paath.  Today the sadhak was inspired by Ma or  Shree Ram to do the jaap on the mala before the paath.

Lord’s Will, It is done.

Sadhak has been imagining that Pujya Shree Maharaj ji, Prem Ji Maharaj, and Swamiji Maharaj are always there in jaap and simran.  Ma gave that experience to the sadhak.

Lord’s Will, It is done.

Sadhak has been seeing pictures of Gurujans in pictures and in photo gallery,(click on link to see) and those images came to mind when jaap and simran was being done.

Lord’s Will, It is done.


Mere Ram Jo Teri Ichha – Lord, Your Will.


Iss tun se woh hove jo hai Teri Marzi

Iss mun mein Tu sama ja yeh hai Meri Arzi.


(Lord, may this body be utilized as per your behest,

May only You have the place in my heart, this is my request).

Name and Fame or Lord’s Name – Aligning your will with Lord’s Will

Mujhe na rahe ab kuch apna naam kamane ki ichha,

Prabhu Tera hi naam kamayoun, yehi ban jaye meri ichha,

Na jeene ki iccha, na marne ki ichha

Mere Ram jo Teri Ichha, wo hi ban jaye meri ichha.

May I not have any desire any name or fame for me, may I  accumulate the wealth of your name is my earnest desire.

Lord, may I not have desire to live or to die, Whatever is Your Will may that become my will.