Loving Shree Ram – Bhavana

Shree Ram keeps on giving and forgiving.

That is love!

What can we give to Shree Ram?

As our Gurujans show us that we can have this bhavana, an attitude, that this body, mind, intellect, and everything else belongs to Lord so we give it back and ask Shree Ram to accept our offerings.

Then He gives us all back as Prasad.  Now we can use this Prasad to serve all of His children starting with our families, friends, and anyone Shree Ram brings in our life, at work, neighbors and more.

That is the love all three of our beloved Gurujans have lived.  We can take the first step today on the path they have shown us.


Jyot se jyot jaga de Ram

We have been given Ram Naam  through our Pujya Gurudev by Swamiji Maharaj.  He is the one received it directly from Shree Ram.

Since we have the maha-mantra and we are doing jaap, dhyan, etc. but we may not be making the progress in our sadhana the way we are capable of making.  It depends on our bhav or attitude.  To change that let us imagine every time we chant ram think about it creating a new vibration that turns into jyot.  See that jyot in your inner being and also in others.

Jagat ka jeevan jaano Ram, Jag ki jyoti jaajalayaman … (Amritvani)

This jyoti is everywhere and we must be willing to see it.  This can change our sadhana, improve our attitude toward the great mantra that we have been blessed with the grace of Lord Ram, Swamiji Maharaj, and our Gurudev.

Let us keep this jyot lit in our life by continuously adding the oil of Ram Jap into the lamp that gives knowledge of Supreme, peace, and bliss beyond our imagination.  Let us do the jap and sing dhuns and bhajans, and pray ….

Jyot se jyot jaga de Ram, Jyot se ……

How to move forward in our devotion to God

We must keep on moving forward in our devotion to God inspite of our weakness, our sins, and our repeated mistakes.

Q.  How to do that?  The question comes to our mind, how to do that when we have so many weaknesses and we keep on making same mistakes over and over.

A.  According to our beloved Pujya Maharajji is to ask Lord Ram to forgive all our sins until now (Kshma Karo mere Ram Raghunath, Ab Tak ke Saare Apraadh – dhun sung by him in USA Open Satsang).  He adds in his pravachan elsewhere: Another way is to again and again go sit at the feet of loving devotees (Sant Mahatmas – our Gurujans are definitely them) and lose yourself in their devotion and love of God.  We are surely to come back with a positive difference and move forward in our devotion and in our life with Guru Kripa.

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Rama Rama Ratate Ratate – Dhun and Lesson

It was really moving to hear Pujya Maharajji sing the dhun:

Rama Rama Ratate Ratate Beeti Ri Umariya,

Rama Rama Ratate Ratate Beeti Ri Umariya.

Rama Rama Ratate Ratate Beeti Ri Umariya,

Hey Raghunandan Aa Bhi Jayo Shabri Ki Jhumparia.

Pujya Maharajji reminded us that as Ma Shabri we must learn to have patience.

First of all we will be very lucky if we can cultivate our feelings/Bhavana for Lord Ram as Ma Shabri had in her heart.   Second, if we can truly say that our life has been in constant rememberance (Simran) of Lord Ram.  Third, it will be great if we can have patience and faith of Ma Shabri.


Don’t use force with loved ones – Valmiki Ramayan Saar

This message was loud and clear about not using force with loved ones while reading this morning in Valmiki Ramayan Saar by Shree Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj.

Kaushalya (Ram’s mother) and Laxman are upset about Prince Ram having to go to live like an ascetic in a jungle instead of being crowned as a king. Laxman suggests using force and giving Ram his right to the kingdom. Ram replies it is not the fault of my mother Kakeyi or my father Dashrath (he is simply keeping his promise given to Kakeyi) and we should not use force with family members. Family members are our loved ones and they should be loved and respected. Ram happily accepts Kakeyi’s wish and as always treats her like his mother Kaushalaya.

There is so much we can learn from the life of Ram. Applying what we learn at least one thing a day and then extending it for a week, for a month, and then for the rest of our life is suggested in their discourses and advice given by our loving gurus and teachers – Swami Ji Maharaj, Shree Prem JI Maharaj, and Pujya Dr. Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj.

How lucky and blessed are we for having such a heritage, culture, and most of all having loving Sant and Mahatmas (Saints and Great souls) in our lives who have blessed us with Ram Naam.