An inspired poem about Shree Ram … Grateful to beloved Gurujans

Please click the link below to hear the audio of this poem (recorded on smart phone and linked to with tag shreeraminspired).

This poem was inspired by reading Swami Ji Maharaj’s prayers in Bhakti Prakash and listening to them from Pujya Dr. Maharaj Ji in satsang and his discourses recorded on Shreeramsharnam’s website.

Of course by Param Guru Jai Jai Ram who is the real doer.


What happened today – An inspiration and an experience.

Today with the grace of Shree Ram and Pujya Gurudev an inspiration came that Ram bolo phir kuch bhi nahin bolo, kyon ki sab Ram mein hai (Just say Ram and then nothing else because all is in Ram). This was followed by a more peaceful, more blissful, and a very gentle and yet a powerful connection with Shree Ram, our Ma (Divine Mother) in each breath during dhyan (concentration – meditation). All our Gurujans have a relationship with Shree Ram as Ma.

Mere Ram teri kripa sab par sada bani rahe.  Hamara vishwas atoot rahe.  (Lord Ram, may your grace always be upon all.   May our faith be steadfast).

Ram Kripa – Kab Hoti Hai

Pujya Dr. Viswamitter Ji Maharaj says we just keep on saying, Paramatma ki kripa hai, but we really don’t mean it. He adds if we really meant it, we will be constantly remembering Ram through Ram Naam Jap, simran, dhyan, etc.

Ram Kripa Kab Hoti Hai? – Ram Kripa tab hoti hai jab ham Ram main mast ho jaaye. It seems that Shree Swami Ji Maharaj has mentioned about in a dhun, “Teri buti ne masti keeti, Ram! Teri Buti ne masti keeti”. In Amritvani, Ram Kripa is mentioned several times with clarity and authority.

Pujya Maharaj JI tells us not to think of Ram Kripa when we are getting more income or some other material gains but think of Ram Kripa when our mind turns toward God. Some sadhaks report of Ram Kripa when our Gurujans appear in our dreams or in our dhyan giving us guidance and encouragement. Others report of Ram Kripa when we get inspiration to do more sadhana or get an insight on how to do serve others while taking care of our present responsibilities.

In Pravachan Piyush, Shree Swami Ji Maharaj has mentioned about appearing in a sadhaks dream and helping remove some obstacles from that sadhak’s life.

What I understood today

Jai Jai Ram.

Listening to Pujya Dr. Viswha Mitter Ji’s discourse on CD today I heard:

Jis ne Ram ko apnaaya

aur apna aap gawaanya

usne Ram ko paya.

My understanding is that the one who accepts Shree Ram as one’s own and loses one’s ego or false identity gets to experience Shree Ram.

The question is how do we accept Shree Ram in our heart?

In another discourse Maharaj ji has mentioned that we must have a yearning for Shree Ram in our heart. Our pain of separation should feel in such a way that we forget about our bodily pain. He clarifies that in a dhun ( a melodious devotional) which goes as follows:

Saari duniya ik paase, mere Ram pyara ik paase.

(Let the whole world be on one side and my loving Ram on the other side). Shree Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj’s Pravachan Piyush also mentions that. I’ve heard that these are also the sentiments and lifestyle adapted by Shree Premji Maharaj.

I choose Ram instead of the whole world should be our feeling in the heart and mind – then we are truly accepting Shree Ram. It will be a little easier to lose our ego then by surrendering it to the holy feet of Shree Ram. This is one of the best Ram Ka Kaam we can do.

Let us lose our false identity, get to know our authentic self through inspirations of Shree Ram and our loving Gurujans.

Ram Ram.

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