Loving Shree Ram – Bhavana

Shree Ram keeps on giving and forgiving.

That is love!

What can we give to Shree Ram?

As our Gurujans show us that we can have this bhavana, an attitude, that this body, mind, intellect, and everything else belongs to Lord so we give it back and ask Shree Ram to accept our offerings.

Then He gives us all back as Prasad.  Now we can use this Prasad to serve all of His children starting with our families, friends, and anyone Shree Ram brings in our life, at work, neighbors and more.

That is the love all three of our beloved Gurujans have lived.  We can take the first step today on the path they have shown us.


Parmatma and Gurujans are always close to us

Our Gurujans and Shastras (Scriptures) tell us that we should feel the presence of Parmatma all around us and in us.

Similarly, we must know that our Gurujans are close to us always.

 We must bring this feeling over and over again to receive help in everyday living according to what they have taught us and with our spiritual progress.

In Pravachan Piyush Swamiji Maharaj mentions (Swatm Pratiti – Page 105) that Manu Maharaj says we must hope to succeed til the end.

Before Amritvani Paath … Lord’s Will is Done … a sadhak’s experience

Every morning a sadhak tries to do Amritvani Paath.  Today the sadhak was inspired by Ma or  Shree Ram to do the jaap on the mala before the paath.

Lord’s Will, It is done.

Sadhak has been imagining that Pujya Shree Maharaj ji, Prem Ji Maharaj, and Swamiji Maharaj are always there in jaap and simran.  Ma gave that experience to the sadhak.

Lord’s Will, It is done.

Sadhak has been seeing pictures of Gurujans in pictures and in photo gallery,(click on link to see) http://www.ibiblio.org/ram/lft_mn08.htm and those images came to mind when jaap and simran was being done.

Lord’s Will, It is done.

Mere Ram Tu Sab Se Prem Karta Hai

Jaise Surya ki kirane sab par parti hain aise hi Parmaatma ki Prem ki kirane bhi sab par parti hain.

Param Pita Parmaatma sab tere  balak hain, tau sab mere huye bhai bahen,


Sab tere hain tau sab mere bhi huye na, ab Tu hi mujhe sab se prem karna sikha.






Toone diye hain aise pyare Gurujan, aur hamein mila hai pyara Ram Naam,

Ab lagata tau aisa hai ki yeh Ram Naam hi mun ki safai karega tau hi prem basega iss mein.

Ram Ram Ji.

What happened today – An inspiration and an experience.

Today with the grace of Shree Ram and Pujya Gurudev an inspiration came that Ram bolo phir kuch bhi nahin bolo, kyon ki sab Ram mein hai (Just say Ram and then nothing else because all is in Ram). This was followed by a more peaceful, more blissful, and a very gentle and yet a powerful connection with Shree Ram, our Ma (Divine Mother) in each breath during dhyan (concentration – meditation). All our Gurujans have a relationship with Shree Ram as Ma.

Mere Ram teri kripa sab par sada bani rahe.  Hamara vishwas atoot rahe.  (Lord Ram, may your grace always be upon all.   May our faith be steadfast).

Gaining inner strength from Ram Naam

Nirbal ka bal Ram.  Ram se bada Ram ka Naam.

We have heard this many times.  We are fortunate to have received Naam Deeksha.  We must get the full benefit out of Ram Naam in our devotion and taking care of our responsibilities.

Now, how do we go about gaining this inner strength and what are we supposed to with this inner strength.  As Shree Swamiji Maharaj describes in Amritvani:

Ram Ram Bhaj Kar Sri Ram,

Kariye Nitya Hee Uttam Kaam.

Jitne Kartavya Karm Kalaap,

Kariye Ram-Ram Kar Jaap.

As mentioned by Swamiji Maharaj we must do this, that is Ram Ram Bhajiye without stopping (performed daily, without fail) and do it with reverence.  In a recent discourse by Shree Dr. Vishwamitterji Maharaj said that he calls Ram Ma because that is the relationship, Shree Swamiji Maharaj and Shree Prem ji Maharaj had with Paramaatma Shree Ram.  He adds:

Ram is Ma and Ma is Ram.

So we do Ram Bhajan, simran, and jap with love as a child is calling her beloved mother. Our Gurujans guarantee, give us assurances over and over that we will get the inner strength to take care of all our responsibilities and we will do a better job of it with Ram Kripa.

Learning from Bhakti Prakash and our Guru

Shree Swamiji Maharaj in Prarthan Pushpanjali shares with  us how to pray:

Buddhi Chit dau fefre – merre rahen arog,

Tere prem supawan ka – kar ke shubh upbhog.  (Bhakti Prakash Page 17  – 7)

[My intellect,  consciousness, and two lungs may remain disease-free,

By receiving  Your Divine Love (…Oh merciful, Supreme Being).]

(Above is only a sadhak’s understanding and translation in English and does not convey the full meaning of what Swamiji Maharaj writes in Hindi)

With Sadguru Maharaj’s grace we can receive this love by doing simran (reciting Ram Nam while keeping it’s meaning in mind).

Most sadhaks would agree that putting forth a little effort in keeping the lungs healthy by brisk walking, pranayam, or some other form of exercise that nourishes the body and mind may help us in our practice .. specially in dhyan.

Swamiji Maharaj has even dedicated a few pages to Kaya Shodhak Pranayam in Bhakti Prakash.  Those who have attended Sadhana Satsangs with Pujya Shree Dr. Vishwa Mitterji Maharaj may have seen him taking brisk walks in Haridwar and elsewhere.

Ram Ram Ji.