Our relationship with Shree Ram and with our Gurujans

Shree Ram is the source of life, mother of universe, source of divine love, source and infinite reservoir of all powers.  We may or may not get the bhavana or the feeling to connect with Shree Ram with love and devotion by thinking in these ways.

Let us change or add to the above – as our Gurujans suggest we can think of ourselves as a newborn divine child of Divine Mother Shree Ram.  Pujya Maharaj Ji says. “Ram hee Ma hai aur Ma hee Ram hai”.  We must not only think this way but feel that way in our minds and hearts and also totally depend on Divine Mother in every way and to purify us.  So this defines our relationship with Shree Ram from now on in the following way as the Lord puts it:

I am Love/the Divine Lover and you are my beloved children. (Parmatma Premi hai aur Hum hain uske Priyatam)

Let us evaluate our relationship with our Gurujans now.  Our Gurujans have taught us that Guru is not a body but a tattva, meaning reality or the truth or the knower of the reality or the truth.  So Guru can lead us from darkness to light, show us the path we must walk on to go towards Shree Ram, our Divine Mother.  As we know child has to walk one step or crawl or even hint that he or she wants to go toward mother and mother comes running and picks the child up.

Our relationship with Guru is one of Guru and Shishya or The Guru and disciple … a student who wants to learn and walks on the path shown by the Guru.

A path of living life filled with love of Ram Naam, with love for all, becoming a better human being, searching for lasting peace, etc.  All of that is not easy but we must walk on that path because that is the path that can take us to Shree Ram in .  To make it easier we can walk, crawl, or run towards becoming a newborn divine child.

Many Sadhaks feel that our Gurujans are also Premi or Divine Lover as Shree Ram and they have given us the love of a mother in addition to giving us Ram Naam, Discourses, and Satsangs.

They are no longer in the body but their love will always be with us.

This is our true relationship with them.  This is the relationship we can bring to the world if we so desire.  We have to make this choice…each one of us.


Rome Rome Shree Ram Pukare – Happy Mahatma Gandhiji’s and PremJi Maharaj’s Birthday

Mahatma Gandhiji and PremJi Maharaj not only share the same birthday (October 2nd) – both of them were devotees of Lord Ram.  So many of Sant Mahatmas like them must have bhavana, attitude and feelings such as ” Rome Rome Shree Ram Pukare ..,” that most of us can’t even imagine.

Hum par bhi aisi kripa karo mere Ram.  Hamara rome rome bhi Shree Ram Pukare ..aisi kripa karo mere Ram.  (Bless me Lord Ram so that every atom of my being calls for Shree Ram.. yearns for Shree Ram).

Our Gurujans tell us that for this to happen we must do our practice consistently and also attend Satsangs (where Sant Mahatmas  and true devotees are present).  We need to and must go again and again and learn from Sant Mahatmas how they lead a life of selfless service, express love and devotion to God, and impart knowledge in spiritual discourses, etc.

According to Shree Swamiji Maharaj, Mahatma Gandhiji used to recite Sthitpragya Ke Lakshan (Shreemad Bhagvad Gita – second chapter) with heart at both times of his daily prayers.

We can learn from the lives of Mahatma Gandhiji and our Gurujans by following their advice and may be one day with Ram Kripa we will also be blessed with similar bhavana and bhakti.

May the following dhun sung by Maharajji evoke similar devotional feelings in us.

VIDEO CLIP – Rome Rome Shree Ram Pukare

How to surrender to God

According to Pujya Maharajji:

(The following is only an understanding of this sadhak, who needs more and more of this practice.  Corrections and comments are welcome.)

According to Pujya Maharajji, everyone says to surrender to God, but they do not tell us how to do it.  He shows us the way:   Paramatma (Supreme Soul) Sri Ram … This  body, wealth, intellect, and mind .. they are all yours,  all the actions done with mind, body, speech, and sense organs (due to lust, greed, anger, jealousy, etc.) , teri vastu hai  – yours (English?)… Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram.

Shree Swamiji Maharaj clarifies about God and how to surrender to God in Amritvani:

SARVA SHAKTIMATE PARMAATMANE SRI RAMAAYA NAMAHA (Amritvani can be downloaded from http://www.shreeramsharnam.org/) –

I bow before Sri Ram, who is vested with all powers!

I bow before the source and reservoir of all powers!

I bow and seek shelter with the Supreme Soul, Sri Ram!

I dedicate and surrender myself unto Him!

‘Parmaatmaa’: The Supreme soul.

Grace of God and Guru

People from various faiths have experienced God’s Grace and how it has changed their lives, their relationship with God, and in becoming a better human being.

A seeker was not able to do the spiritual practice with concentration, love, and devotion to God and that caused lots of frustration to the seeker.

One day in a prayer, having a straight-talk with God, the seeker expressed the frustration of not doing the daily practice and living with old negative and bad habits, said to God,

“I am your child, think of me as your little baby – when baby is hungry, baby gets the milk from the mother; when the baby is not able to walk, father holds baby’s hand and helps the baby walk – God, I am hungry for your love, you already know this – I don’t need to ask for your love. I have failed as an adult in trying to be a better human being, so I surrender my knowledge, my intellect, and mind to you. You are merciful, with your grace my life can be transformed”

After a few minutes of crying, talking, the seeker heard, “From now on imagine that your Guru is doing the practice holding your hand, your Guru is doing the devotion, and your Guru is with you every moment”

With that the seeker’s began to experience Grace of God and Guru in a profound way.

Many Gurus, Saints, and Spiritual Masters have shared these kinds of words of wisdom about doing prayer, having a straight-talk with God, surrendering to Lord, etc. They say that any seeker can experience peace, contentment, and love of God.

Guru shows us the path. A humble Guru says that God is Supreme Guru.

Instead of trying to trying to improve our lives, trying to do devotion with concentration, trying to follow Guru – why not hold Guru’s hand and let our life be transformed and be led to God in a much easier way. If a person does not have Sadguru in his or her life then ask God, The Supreme Guru and pray for a Sadguru or a preceptor who can guide us all the way to God.

Ram Kripa – Kab Hoti Hai

Pujya Dr. Viswamitter Ji Maharaj says we just keep on saying, Paramatma ki kripa hai, but we really don’t mean it. He adds if we really meant it, we will be constantly remembering Ram through Ram Naam Jap, simran, dhyan, etc.

Ram Kripa Kab Hoti Hai? – Ram Kripa tab hoti hai jab ham Ram main mast ho jaaye. It seems that Shree Swami Ji Maharaj has mentioned about in a dhun, “Teri buti ne masti keeti, Ram! Teri Buti ne masti keeti”. In Amritvani, Ram Kripa is mentioned several times with clarity and authority.

Pujya Maharaj JI tells us not to think of Ram Kripa when we are getting more income or some other material gains but think of Ram Kripa when our mind turns toward God. Some sadhaks report of Ram Kripa when our Gurujans appear in our dreams or in our dhyan giving us guidance and encouragement. Others report of Ram Kripa when we get inspiration to do more sadhana or get an insight on how to do serve others while taking care of our present responsibilities.

In Pravachan Piyush, Shree Swami Ji Maharaj has mentioned about appearing in a sadhaks dream and helping remove some obstacles from that sadhak’s life.

God is omnipresent – so where has God gone

God is omnipresent – meaning everywhere.  God is – the one infinite whole.  So where has God gone?  God has nowhere to God, there is nothing outside of “one infinite whole”.  It is us, who turn away from God or get blinded by our too many worldly desires, greed, and lust.   These in turn  act as  dark clouds between us and  God.

Spiritual masters tell us that we need to limit our worldly desires and have a strong desire to experience God.  They ask us to take some time out just for God – for prayer, meditation, and to commune with Lord by having an honest dialog.

Reading from Bhakti Prakash yesterday about Satya Bhavana

Satya Bhavana (my limited understanding and translation’s only purpose is to act as a reminder to sadhaks who know Hindi and have read Bhakti Prakash. For those who do not read Hindi learning the language is encouraged to truly understand the spiritual knowledge Shree Swami Ji Maharaj is blessing us with)

In the 12 atmik bhavnayain Shree Swami Ji Maharaj encourages us to wake up our true self, our atman by chanting and remembering meaning of Ram-Naam with love …… we should focus on thinking of benevolent qualities and attributes of God.

He continues, “You, my atman! are indestructible and in all three worlds and at all times your true nature is this truth …. you’re pure soul – immutable and immortal”

A great deal of valuable spiritual knowledge and information is available through Shreeramsharnam.org and at their centers with the blessings of our Pujya Premji Maharaj and Pujya Dr. Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj.