Tu jhuk ke chalaya kar – Humility.

Being humble is not easy, but look at the benefits of what we can get if we do.  We have heard this message over and over and Pujya Maharajji also mentions this in his pravachan:

Tu jhuk ke chalya kar, ki jhukya nu Ram milde.

Water does not rest in high places, but only in the low

but if pride prevents you from bending, you will go thirsty  (Source: http://www.Kabir.Ca)

If we want to bathe in the Ganga of Ram Naam, it is important for us to be humble.  Where can we learn to be humble … only from those who are – such as our loving Gurujans and other Saints.

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Ram Naam ki Ganga

Gurujano ki kripa se baih rahi hai Ram Naak ki ganga !

Tu naha lai uss mein, tera sab kuch ho jayega changa !!

With Guru Kripa Ganga River of Ram Naam is flowing,

Take a bath in it and everything in your life will be glowing.