Mere Ram Meri Ma

Kripa Karo Mere Ram Kripa Karo

Mere Ram Tujhe Main Kaise Janoo, Kaise Pehchanoo

Na Tu Dikhta Hai, Na Tu Bolta Hai

Par Tere Naam Ka Gun-Gaaan To Teeno Lok Main Hota Hai

Suna Hai Aise Maine, Par Sunane Se Balak Santusht Nahin Hota Hai

Santo Ne Tere Naam Ki Mahima Gayee Hai

Sadguru Ne Tera Naam-Daan Diya Yeh Unki Badai Hai

Issi ko Sambhavta Prem Kahte Hain

Balak To Ma Ki Gaud Main Prem Paate Hain

Ma Apni Gaud Main Bitha Kar Krip-Rupi Dudh  Pila

Iss Dudh-Muhe Balak Ko

Apni Prem Bhari Aankhon Se Nihar Mujhe

Tujhe Bhi Aise Hi Niharoon Yeh Sikha Mujhe

Mere Ram Kripa Karo Aisi Kripa Karo


What happened today – An inspiration and an experience.

Today with the grace of Shree Ram and Pujya Gurudev an inspiration came that Ram bolo phir kuch bhi nahin bolo, kyon ki sab Ram mein hai (Just say Ram and then nothing else because all is in Ram). This was followed by a more peaceful, more blissful, and a very gentle and yet a powerful connection with Shree Ram, our Ma (Divine Mother) in each breath during dhyan (concentration – meditation). All our Gurujans have a relationship with Shree Ram as Ma.

Mere Ram teri kripa sab par sada bani rahe.  Hamara vishwas atoot rahe.  (Lord Ram, may your grace always be upon all.   May our faith be steadfast).

Divine Mother

Recently Pujya Maharajji  mentioned (in USA Open Satsang) that we don’t get close to God or Divine Mother because .. “Shayad Hamne Dusri Ma Kar Lee Hai” (Maybe we have adapted another Mother).

A few days after I heard It seems as if Maharajji was saying that we  bow, and say namaskar to Maya … “Dusri Ma”  but not to Divine Mother , at least not with all of our being.  Our mind and intellect are still in the world and want the world, more than God.

Shree Swamiji Maharaj also says in Amritvani:

Sarva Shaktimate Parmaatmane Sri Ramaaya Namaha. (I bow before Sri Ram who is vested with all powers … source and reservoir of all powers… seek shelter with the Supreme Soul … dedicate and surreder myself unto Him!)

Also in the end of Amritvani we read and hear:

… Ramaaya Namaha, Sri Ramaaya Namaha.

So let us not do Maya Namaah, instead follow our Gurujans and do Sri Ramaaya Namah.

(Let us not get caught up in Maya but as our Gurujans teach us to bow and seek shelter in Lord Ma, Divine Mother, Supreme Soul Sri Ram only then with the Grace of our Gurujans and Sri Ram we can be liberated).