Name and Fame or Lord’s Name – Aligning your will with Lord’s Will

Mujhe na rahe ab kuch apna naam kamane ki ichha,

Prabhu Tera hi naam kamayoun, yehi ban jaye meri ichha,

Na jeene ki iccha, na marne ki ichha

Mere Ram jo Teri Ichha, wo hi ban jaye meri ichha.

May I not have any desire any name or fame for me, may I  accumulate the wealth of your name is my earnest desire.

Lord, may I not have desire to live or to die, Whatever is Your Will may that become my will.


God is omnipresent – so where has God gone

God is omnipresent – meaning everywhere.  God is – the one infinite whole.  So where has God gone?  God has nowhere to God, there is nothing outside of “one infinite whole”.  It is us, who turn away from God or get blinded by our too many worldly desires, greed, and lust.   These in turn  act as  dark clouds between us and  God.

Spiritual masters tell us that we need to limit our worldly desires and have a strong desire to experience God.  They ask us to take some time out just for God – for prayer, meditation, and to commune with Lord by having an honest dialog.