We may surrender to Shree Ram – but is our surrender accepted?

Our loving gurujans tell us that Shree Ram knows our heart just like a mother knows her child.  If we do not mean to surrender completely our surrender is not accepted.  So until then what do we do with our Bhakti?

Well, like anything else we need to simply continue our practice of jap, simran, an dhyan with complete devotion and cry for our Divine Mother Ram to accept our surrender.   As beloved Maharajji say we must cry for Her Love like a new born child and cry more and more.  One day She will accept her as beloved divine child.  Her nature is to love.  Shree Ram says that I only know how to love and all of you are my beloved.

So it is our turn to show the real love by doing our sadhana with the attitude of utmost respect and love for our Divine Mother.


Why are we attached to mind, its not ours – our Gurujans say

Man kahan hai?  Kya veh hamare ango jaisa hai?  (Where is mind, is it like parts of our body?)

There is only one cosmic mind – Our Gurujans

Our mind is just a bundle of thoughts.

Yet mind is where we do our puja … mind is the one that needs to be transformed.  Soul is pure (Main shudh atma hoon as mentioned by Swamiji Maharaj in Bhakti Prakash).  Swamiji Maharaj also says that,”Main mukt atma hoon” (I am a liberated soul).  So mind is not free or liberated from the thoughts of the world or the body consciousness.  That is why we do dhyan (concentration).

Pujya Dr. Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj says, “Dhyan kamzoron ka kaam nahin hai, Dhayan shoorveeron ka kaam hai”  (Concentration is not for the weak-minded people but for the brave ones).

Impure mind and Ram Naam

Everyone at one time or another has had impure thoughts in their mind and everyone has a potential to reach the highest.  Looking inward we will find our mind is or has been full of impure thoughts.

As Sant Kabir says:

Bura jo dekhan main chala, bura na milaya koye

Jo man khoja apna, tau mujhse bura na koye.

This morning the following thought came in mind while doing dhyan:

Jitna bhi ho man kala

Ram Naam usme kar dega ujaala

(No matter how impure the mind is Ram Naam can make it pure)

Fellow spiritual aspirants it seems that our Gurujans. other Sant-Mahatmas, and Param Guru Shree Ram are not only telling us about that but they guarantee that Ram Naam can enlighten us.  So let us listen to our beloved Gurujans and do more and more Jaap, Simran, Dhyan, and Seva whenever possible and attend Satsangs at Shreeramsharnam to receive more and more Ram Kripa and Guru Kripa.

Jai Jai Ram.

What happened today – An inspiration and an experience.

Today with the grace of Shree Ram and Pujya Gurudev an inspiration came that Ram bolo phir kuch bhi nahin bolo, kyon ki sab Ram mein hai (Just say Ram and then nothing else because all is in Ram). This was followed by a more peaceful, more blissful, and a very gentle and yet a powerful connection with Shree Ram, our Ma (Divine Mother) in each breath during dhyan (concentration – meditation). All our Gurujans have a relationship with Shree Ram as Ma.

Mere Ram teri kripa sab par sada bani rahe.  Hamara vishwas atoot rahe.  (Lord Ram, may your grace always be upon all.   May our faith be steadfast).

What happened in Dhyan after listening to D-Live Video Clip Pravachan

After listening to Pujya Maharajji  about kamanas and the word “chah” has aah in it, a strong impression was made on the mind.  In this morning’s dhyan while calling Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram with love of a child calling Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma and the aah or separation of child from the mother, three distinct experiences happened that can still be recalled:

1.   While crying for her love, the feeling of being near to the Dearest Ram was overwhelming and the pain of separation was gone for few moments.

2.  Next the word and the sound of aham (as in ahankar or false self)  and the feeling of aham burning away in Ra (“R” of agni).

3.   With the repeitition of sound of Ra..aa..mm, Ra..aa..mm, Ra..aa..mm, Ra..aa..mm, and a yearning to meet Divine Mother,  a sense of peace prevailed similar to when a child puts the head down in Mother’s lap to rest.

> Swamiji Maharaj and Premji Maharaj, both had a relationship with Parmatma as a child has with the mother.  Maharaj says, “Ram hi Ma hai aur Ma hi Ram hai”.  This is true.

Sab Santan ki Jai, Jai Jai Ram.

Here is a link to connect to this pravachan:   http://www.ibiblio.org/ram/

(Please click on and listen to pravachan of 2nd May 2010 under D-Live Video Clips)

Lord Ganesha, Ram-Naam, and the reality of our lives

You have probably have heard about the story (either from Pujya Shree Maharajji or elsewhere) about Ganeshji writing the word “Ram” on the ground and going around it because he was told by Naradji that he can go around the world by doing so.

And sometimes the reality of our lives is just the opposite …… specially at times when our dhyan is not so good,  we sit for our practice but the mind goes around the world, instead of Ram.

Power of Ram Naam and blessings of our Gurujans

Through the grace of our Pujya Gurudev we have been blessed with Ram Naam.  While we read in Amritvani that Parmaatma Sri Ram is all powerful .. omnipotent. We are connected to the source and reservoir of all powers through Ram Naam.

Then why do we have a weak mind?  Why are we not able to use our intellect to take care of our responsibilites and do benevolent actions?

Is it because we do not have total faith in God or do we not yet totally believe what our Gurujans have said? … or is it something else?

Regardless of whether we know the answers to these questions or not, we can at least pay close attention to what Maharajji says,”We have Ram in us but it is lying dormant”  – so  we must wake up this power in us by Jap, Simran, and Dhyan. And with the strength we gain from our practice we can follow the path shown to us with renewed determination and resolve.

Maharajji explains (in USA Open Satsang) that in Amritvani it is mentioned:

Ram-Ram Bhaj Kar Sri Ram

Kariye Nitya Hee Uttam Kaam

(and not …. Kariye Nitya Hee Uttam Kaam,  Ram-Ram Bhaj Kar Sri Ram)

So as he is guiding us, let us keep Ram Naam in the forefront and do the benevolent actions and take care of our duties and responsibilities and be ready to recieve maximum benefit of Ram Kripa.

Once again Maharajji says be patient and never lose hope.

Jai Jai Ram