Bliss – Anand, a series of dialogs between two sadhaks called RRJ and EW

RRJ:  Namaste EW.  Imagine you are having Leela in your mind.

What would you like to gain from or experience from practice of Ram Naam?

EW:  Namaste.  I would like to have Anand.

RRJ:  Okay.  Remember Pujya Maharaj Ji has said…Ram hee Ma hai aur Ma hee Ram hai.  Get this feeling right now that you are sitting in Divine Mothers lap.  So pick any word that starts with or has a letter R, A, M, or N for Naam that will give you Anand or Bliss.  You can also sing a dhun or a bhajan if you like.

EW:  Ram Japo Ram Japo…Ram Japo Ram Japo

RRJ:  Now close your eyes and be still and practice Ram Naam in your mind and experience Anand.  Can you do this for a few minutes?

EW:  Yes.

After a few minutes – both of us opened the eyes and shared our experiences of feeling happier and peaceful.

EW:  I will do this for a longer period of time from now on.  This was easy and had a blissful feeling in it.

RRJ:  Swami Ji Maharaj encouraged sadhaks in this manner – While doing practice on Mala let your fingers, tongue, and ears dance to the tune of Ram with bliss or anand.

EW:  Great.  Let us do this for a few minutes.

A sense of sweet taste in the mouth along with continued anand or bliss  was flowing through us.



Just Looking At His Picture Gave Many People Peace and More

One person mentioned that looking at Param Pujya Vishwa Maharajji’s picture as a wallpaper on his computer brings him peace.  Several people are amazed to see the glow on His face when they see the picture.

Pujya Maharajji’s dhun says it all:

Rama dey charana dee preet, charana dee mauj badi. (Lord Ram, give us the love of your holy feet or holy name – at your holy feet or in your holy name there is bliss)

Let us take the first step on the path our Gurujans have covered and shown us how to do that by exemplary living.  One step will lead to the next and so on.

Param Pujya Swami Ji Maharaj says that we should never give up our practice and hope to succeed until our last breath.

Parmatma Parmanand hai aur PREMANAND bhi hai

We all know that Parmatma is referred to as the one who gives param anand (Supreme Bliss or Bliss absolute).

Pujya Maharajji says in one of his pravachans/discourses that Parmatma says, ” Na tau main kripa karta hoon, na daya, aur na hi karuna.  Main tau sab se prem karta hoon aur sab mere priyatam hain”. (Neither do I bestow grace, mercy, or compassion … I just love all of you, and all of you are my beloveds”

In this way Parmatma can be known as Premanand (Love-Bliss Absolute) also.

Getting back on the spiritual path with determination

When we may not be doing the sadhana as advised by our Gurujans or when we get off our path, we may want to connect with our loving Guru and ask for help or advice.

If we can’t be with Guru Maharaj physically, we can connect in our meditation or mental communication – while doing so we need to pay close attention and truly get Guru Maharaj’s message. Maybe Guru Maharaj is telling us “Vaapas aa jayo marg par” – just to return to our sadhana or spiritual practice. We may notice when we do come back to our spiritual practice of Ram Naam and start changing our behaviors back to positive ones, we may experience happiness and bliss. Again listen carefully to what Guru Maharaj is saying “Anand aa raha hai na vaapas aane ka aur Ram Naam japne ka” – Aren’t you receiving happiness and bliss by coming back to the path and doing Ram Naam jap?.

My beloved sadhaks, it is only with Ram Kripa we get to do the purushaarth of sadhana, as a bhakta thinks, and also mentioned by our loving Gurujans many times. It is with Guru Kripa that we get our connection stronger with Paramatma and we experience happiness and bliss in Ram Naam.

Let us do “adhik se adhik jap”, satsangati, sankirtan, and some swadhaya also to get back on our path with determination not to get off it again. Remember we promised our Guru Maharaj at the time of diksha that we will not do that. May Shree Ram give us all the strength to stay on our given and chosen path.