It is all yours Lord – Sab Tera Hai

If our belief becomes stronger and stronger that Lord or The Creator is all, all belongs to The Lord, and Lord is the sole doer, our life will become more peaceful, blissful, and filled with love.  Once we are filled with love it is like an ocean who cannot contain the waves, they go out and touch the beach, sand, people and everything on the beach.  Similarly this divine love cannot be contained within us it will go out and touch other lives.  

What does that mean?

It means that our attitude, our bhavana, our feelings towards our self and others have totally been transformed – we will be accepting people unconditionally because we see Ram in all.  We will be not serving people we will be serving Ram.  We will not argue, fight, or say bad things about anybody.  We will be able to forgive others readily and easily.

So dear sadhaks, let us surrender our self and everything we think we think is ours at the holy feet of the Lord Shree Ram and see the Lord working through us, having bhakti done through us, and doing selfless service through us, we being an instrument of the Lord,


Bhajan and Bhakti-Bhavana – Zara aa sharan mere Ram ki…. (Just take refuge in Shree Ram) …

Swamiji Mahraj’s Amritvani begins with Sarva Shaktimate Parmatmane Sri Ramaya Namaha.  

  • Bhakt’s bhavana (attitude and feelings of devotee) here is to completely surrender to Supreme Soul, The Lord of all – taking refuge in Him, and simply dedicating life to Lord.

Zara aa sharan mere Ram ki, mera Ram Karuna nidhan hai.  (Just take refuge in Shree Ram, He is the reservoir of compassion).

  • Many devotees all around the world have expressed this in their own words that Lord is compassion-incarnate.  The ones who do including all our Sant Mahatmas, and our Param Pujya Gurujans have become just like Him – full of compassion.  We can see it in their eyes and also in their loving behavior with us.  They just like Shree Ram always are giving us and forgiving us.
  • Among few others, a great soul of our time, His Holiness Dalai Lama has also taken the message of compassion to people around the world.

We can follow in the footsteps of great souls and surrender our mind, body, wealth, intellect, and our heart to Shree Ram and lovingly take care of our responsibilities given to us as our duty with an attitude of doing service to Lord.

Shree Ram Ki Mahima – a true story

A person in a western country who had not heard of Shree Ram or Ram Jap was told about how repeating Ram Ram can help him in time of trouble or when he felt low physically or mentally. (He had no initiation from any Guru Maharaj – he was just told to do this by an ordinary sadhak)

According to him one day he was all dressed up to go to work but he was not feeling good inside. He remembered and said Ram only once. Immediately he felt as if some thing inside of him waking up and giving him lots of energy. He felt really good about going to work in just a few seconds.

Imagine what Ram Nam can do for us sadhaks (who have been initiated) if we had stronger faith and practiced according to our Gurujans’ instructions.

Ram Nam ki Mahima – our Gurujans and other Bhaktas have sung glories of Ram Nam recently, over thousands of years, and in all yugas.

Jai Shree Ram.