Bring Mind in line … Teachings of our Gurujans

Dear Spiritual Seekers,
Let us bring our mind in line with the teachings of  our Gurujans.
Pujya Maharaj Ji in one of is discourses said that we have grace of the Lord, scriptures, and saint souls.  To succeed in our spiritual practice we need to also have grace of the mind. 
Let us commit all of our mind and visualize that we will be successful in our spiritual practice.
Let’s continue to focus the mind again and again on this worthwhile goal.
Swamiji Maharaj says in Bhakti Prakash that if you have succeeded in your mind you will succeed and if you have failed in your mind you have already failed.

Let’s use all the methods shown to us by our Gurujans to bring the mind in line and pray to Lord Shree Ram for His grace.


Divine Baby … Happy baby inside the heart of a grown-up being

Before becoming a happy divine baby we must become a little more contented grown-up being

Our loving Gurujans advise us that we need to limit our worldly desires and be a little more content with what we have.

If we don’t limit our desires, our face stays turned towards the world and away from God – what can God do?  So, let us follow our Gurujans and their advice..

They show us how to be the divine baby.

  • Eat less – a baby eats or drinks only when hungry and the amount that is sufficient.  Eating natural, whole, and healthy diet in moderate quantities will keep us healthy in body. Our mind will be alert to do the sadhana (spiritual practice) better.
  • Be with Mother-Divine Mother … baby does that and wants that.  Talk to Her, smile, and play in Her lap.  Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram … call Her like a baby, with love.

Now we are able to turn towards Shree Ram, with a stronger desire to experience God’s bliss (Param-anand) just like a baby.

Please select better foods in the quantity that your body needs, keep mind clean by letting go of negative thoughts. Staying a little more content everyday with what God has given us, smiling more, and loving everyone a little more will help us stay closer to Shree Ram .

If we set some boundaries for our worldly desires, we are highly likely to experience the boundless love of God, the stuff we are made of.   Supreme Soul is living in each being as the soul.  With this understanding we start our day with contentment and peace.  Without contentment and peace we cannot be a happy divine baby.

Each one of us must make a choice, please join me in choosing to be content, peaceful, and happy like a divine baby while living our grown-up life with:

Ram Ram Bhaj Kar Shree Ram Kariye Nitya Hi Uttam Kam

(Chanting and Remembering Lord’s sweet name Ram, we are instructed by Gurujans to do good deeds only).

An inspired poem about Shree Ram … Grateful to beloved Gurujans

Please click the link below to hear the audio of this poem (recorded on smart phone and linked to with tag shreeraminspired).

This poem was inspired by reading Swami Ji Maharaj’s prayers in Bhakti Prakash and listening to them from Pujya Dr. Maharaj Ji in satsang and his discourses recorded on Shreeramsharnam’s website.

Of course by Param Guru Jai Jai Ram who is the real doer.

Immerse in Divine Nectar

Ram Ram Shree Ram Jap
Data Amrit Bhog (Amritvani ..35)

We do Ram Jaap then why don’t we taste Divine nectar.  Swamiji Ji Maharaj clearly mentions this.

Sant-Mahatma share with us that we are so much into sansaar bhog …worldly pleasures and that is one of the reasons keeping us away  from Divine nectar.

What are some of the other reasons you have heard about from Gurujans?

Dr. Vishwamitter Ji Maharaj’s discourse and Amritvani

Pujya Maharaj Ji sang a dhun roughly translated … I am receiving the bliss of life when I have received or realized King of Kings and Ram Naam.
Jeevan da mainu Anand aa gaya…

In Amritvani Swamiji Ji  Maharaj says in verse 8:
Ram Ram Jap He Mana …..

O Mind! Remember forever the Holy Words ‘Ram-Ram’ as the provider of salvation and

immortality. Also, be certain that the Lord Sri Ram is forever existent in His Name (Ram-Naam).

Dear Sadhaks, how blessed we are to have Gurujans like these, Amritvani, and Maha Mantra.

As Pujya Gurujans say these are to be practiced … Yeh karne kee cheez hai.