How an Atma becomes a Mahatma

It seems like any person who has understood that he or she is an Atma, a Shudh Atma is getting closer to closer to Parmatma.  Furthermore, the history of such people who have bonded with Parmatma in a loving relationship like Mother or Ma, then Parmatma treats them differently – meaning not according to their karmas but the way Parmatma wants to run their life.

Communicating with Lord Ma like a new born or a very young baby, one begins communing with the Lord.  Then the Lord Ma drops the “Lord: and loves the baby like a mother who is so attached to the baby.

This so called baby becomes a Mahatma, a Sant or Saint, and we have seen or heard of few of these  Sant-Mahatmas whose relationship with Parmatma was of a small child and mother.

Many of the readers may be aware of Ramakrishna Parmahansa and our own Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj, Prem Ji Maharaj, and Dr. Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj have had the same relationship and bhavana.

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USA Open Satsang – from a sadhak

Ram Ram Ji to all fellow sadhaks. For those of you residing in the US or Canada, please be advised that there is an Open Sadhna Satsang from May 17th to May 20th in Saylorsburg, PA. Param Pujya Maharaj Ji from Shree Ram Sharnam – Delhi is arriving in the USA to grace the event and bestow his blessings. Since we are all followers of Pujya Swami Ji Maharaj, we all belong to the same Shree Ram Sharnam family and this is a good opportunity for all sadhaks to experience the event and receive the spiritual growth that we all need living here in the US. If anyone is interested to attend, please send an email to – or review the entire program schedule on
Jai Jai Ram

How to move forward in our devotion to God

We must keep on moving forward in our devotion to God inspite of our weakness, our sins, and our repeated mistakes.

Q.  How to do that?  The question comes to our mind, how to do that when we have so many weaknesses and we keep on making same mistakes over and over.

A.  According to our beloved Pujya Maharajji is to ask Lord Ram to forgive all our sins until now (Kshma Karo mere Ram Raghunath, Ab Tak ke Saare Apraadh – dhun sung by him in USA Open Satsang).  He adds in his pravachan elsewhere: Another way is to again and again go sit at the feet of loving devotees (Sant Mahatmas – our Gurujans are definitely them) and lose yourself in their devotion and love of God.  We are surely to come back with a positive difference and move forward in our devotion and in our life with Guru Kripa.

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Rama Rama Ratate Ratate – Dhun and Lesson

It was really moving to hear Pujya Maharajji sing the dhun:

Rama Rama Ratate Ratate Beeti Ri Umariya,

Rama Rama Ratate Ratate Beeti Ri Umariya.

Rama Rama Ratate Ratate Beeti Ri Umariya,

Hey Raghunandan Aa Bhi Jayo Shabri Ki Jhumparia.

Pujya Maharajji reminded us that as Ma Shabri we must learn to have patience.

First of all we will be very lucky if we can cultivate our feelings/Bhavana for Lord Ram as Ma Shabri had in her heart.   Second, if we can truly say that our life has been in constant rememberance (Simran) of Lord Ram.  Third, it will be great if we can have patience and faith of Ma Shabri.


Kartavya Buddhi – Right actions using our intellect

Shree Swamiji Maharaj and our Gurujans remind us that we (Sadhaks) are to take actions with Kartavya Buddhi or using our intellect and doing our duties. Sometimes we do not feel like taking care of our health, do exercise, do spiritual practice of reciting amritvani, jap, or dhyan, etc.

While we may not feel like it or feel lazy we must take care of our physical, mental, and spiritual health. That is our duty. It seems as if our loving Gurujans, saint-souls have come here on earth again and again us and shown us the way. Our Gurujans have done “Marg Darshan” in every Sadhana Satsang.

Now it is up to us to seek Shree Rams’ blessings and the blessings of Swamiji Maharaj to do our duty while immersed in Ram Naam.

There is a beautiful dhun sung by Pujya Dr. Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj in the open Sadhana Satsang in USA in May, 2009 which goes as follows:

Baba meri raksha karna .. Baba meri raksha karna.

Baba meri banh pakarna … Baba meri banh pakarna.

Baba mujhe bhakti dena … Baba mujhe bhakti dena.

Baba mujhe darshan dena … Baba mujhe darshan dena.

(Baba protect me ….. Baba hold my arm …. Baba give me devotion …. Baba give me darshan – vision and blessing)

Divine Mother

Recently Pujya Maharajji  mentioned (in USA Open Satsang) that we don’t get close to God or Divine Mother because .. “Shayad Hamne Dusri Ma Kar Lee Hai” (Maybe we have adapted another Mother).

A few days after I heard It seems as if Maharajji was saying that we  bow, and say namaskar to Maya … “Dusri Ma”  but not to Divine Mother , at least not with all of our being.  Our mind and intellect are still in the world and want the world, more than God.

Shree Swamiji Maharaj also says in Amritvani:

Sarva Shaktimate Parmaatmane Sri Ramaaya Namaha. (I bow before Sri Ram who is vested with all powers … source and reservoir of all powers… seek shelter with the Supreme Soul … dedicate and surreder myself unto Him!)

Also in the end of Amritvani we read and hear:

… Ramaaya Namaha, Sri Ramaaya Namaha.

So let us not do Maya Namaah, instead follow our Gurujans and do Sri Ramaaya Namah.

(Let us not get caught up in Maya but as our Gurujans teach us to bow and seek shelter in Lord Ma, Divine Mother, Supreme Soul Sri Ram only then with the Grace of our Gurujans and Sri Ram we can be liberated).

Power of Ram Naam and blessings of our Gurujans

Through the grace of our Pujya Gurudev we have been blessed with Ram Naam.  While we read in Amritvani that Parmaatma Sri Ram is all powerful .. omnipotent. We are connected to the source and reservoir of all powers through Ram Naam.

Then why do we have a weak mind?  Why are we not able to use our intellect to take care of our responsibilites and do benevolent actions?

Is it because we do not have total faith in God or do we not yet totally believe what our Gurujans have said? … or is it something else?

Regardless of whether we know the answers to these questions or not, we can at least pay close attention to what Maharajji says,”We have Ram in us but it is lying dormant”  – so  we must wake up this power in us by Jap, Simran, and Dhyan. And with the strength we gain from our practice we can follow the path shown to us with renewed determination and resolve.

Maharajji explains (in USA Open Satsang) that in Amritvani it is mentioned:

Ram-Ram Bhaj Kar Sri Ram

Kariye Nitya Hee Uttam Kaam

(and not …. Kariye Nitya Hee Uttam Kaam,  Ram-Ram Bhaj Kar Sri Ram)

So as he is guiding us, let us keep Ram Naam in the forefront and do the benevolent actions and take care of our duties and responsibilities and be ready to recieve maximum benefit of Ram Kripa.

Once again Maharajji says be patient and never lose hope.

Jai Jai Ram