Parmatma and Gurujans are always close to us

Our Gurujans and Shastras (Scriptures) tell us that we should feel the presence of Parmatma all around us and in us.

Similarly, we must know that our Gurujans are close to us always.

 We must bring this feeling over and over again to receive help in everyday living according to what they have taught us and with our spiritual progress.

In Pravachan Piyush Swamiji Maharaj mentions (Swatm Pratiti – Page 105) that Manu Maharaj says we must hope to succeed til the end.


A saadhak who has a Satguru in life is very fortunate

According to Sant Mahatmas:

To be born as a human being is a blessing which is very difficult to obtain.  Much more difficult is to have God’s blessing and to start a journey as a saadhak (devotee).  And it is extremely, extremely, extremely difficult to have a Satguru in life.

So my beloved brothers and sisters, we the saadhaks are most fortunate to have a loving Sadguru in our lives.  We are not able to live our daily lives as shown by Maharajji in Sadhana Satsang and as in Pravachan Piyush by Swamiji Maharaj.  It helps to cry in front of Ma (Divine Mother – Lord Ma) and talk to God about our weaknesses and ask for mercy and grace (kripa).

Each one of us need to wake up to the fact that, “Main shaktimayi atma hoon” (I am a powerful soul), powerful to walk on the path as shown in Sadhna Satsang and discourses given delivered by our Gurujans.  No matter how many times we get off the path we simply need to get back on it and know that our Gurujans and Shree Ram are always with us,  helping, and protecting us.

Dhanya Huva Main Satguru Paake (dhun) – watch video clip

uva Main Satguru Paake

Kis Ram ka hum jap aur dhyan karte hain

I remember one time reading in Pravachan Piyush that Shree Swamiji Maharaj ne haath upar kar ke ghuma kar kaha (something to the effect) “Ram-Naam teeno lok mein gunj raha hai, aur spashat dikhayi de raha hai ki kalyaan kar raha hai” .

Ham uss Ram ka jap aur dhyaan karte hain jisk gun Shree Swamiji Mharaj aur bahut Sant logo ne gaaye hain. Vakyaa hi Shree Swamiji Maharaj apne grantho mein rahate hain aur jaise ki Gurujan bataate hain weh hamare saath hamesha hain – hamari sahayata aur suraksha kar rahe hain.

Kayee logo ne jin-hone Ram Naam ki diksha abhi tak nahin lee, woh bhi bataate hain ki kaise unka jeevan sudhar raha hai Ram-Ram karne se. Ek ne kaha ki uski tension kam ho rahi hai aur thori thori shanti ka anubahav ho raha hai…. ek aur ne kaha ki usko Ram ki dhwani sunayi di aur woh apne aap hi Ram-Ram bolne lag gaya. Yeh hai Ram ki mahima !

Hum tau bahut bhagyashaali hain ki hamein Ram-Naam ka daan mila hai. Hum bhi isska adhik se adhik laabh le, apna jeevan sudharane mein aur Ram Kripa ka maange Ram-Naam ka maha daan.

The connection between the above messages are clear. Now each one of us has to have more faith and do our practice as shown by our Gurujans.

Reading from Amrit Vaani today and SwamiJi Maharaj’s Pravachan Piyush long ago

Mohak Mantra Ati Madhur,

Ram – Ram Jap Dhyan.

Hotaa Teeno Lok Men,

Ram – Naam Gun – Gaan. …48

Today while reading the above (and nearly every time I read) in Amrit Vaani, it reminds me of reading Pravachan Piyush long-time ago in which I vaguely remember:

Swamiji Maharaj saying,”Ram-Naam teeno lok men gunj raha hai, aur mujhe spashat dikhayee de raha hai ki veh kalyaan kar rahaa hai”

(Swamiji Maharaj meri galation ko kshama kareien)

Aap tau Paramaatmaa se taar milaane ka kam karte hain, hamari bhi taar milayiye taaki hamein bhi jo aap ne kaha hai usska anubhav hove.

Sab Par Ram Kripa aur Sadguru Maharaj Kripa bani rahe.

Ek chhote se sadhak ne pukara – Kripa hui

Ek chotta sa sadhak (kam sadhana karne wala parantu Aayu main bada) sochne laga ki jitna jap Gurujano ne kaha hai utna tau mujh se ho nahin raha – ab kya hoga mera?

Thodi der ke baad usko ek baar Shree Swamiji Maharaj ki Pravachan Piyush main padi hui baat yaad aa gayi jo unhone ek aur sadhal ko kahi thi,  “Mein tumhare ghar aaya tha magar dekha  ghar par taala laga hua tha”.

Parmaatmaa ki kripa hui chhote sadhak par aur uske man main vichaar daal diya ki SwamiJi Maharaj se prarthana kare ki ,”Swami JI Maharaj, aap mere man-mandir main aayen aur andar se taala laga dijiyega, ab hum milkar jap karenge – kyon ki mujh se tau jitna karna chahiye tha utna nahin hua”.

Chotte sadhak ki ankhon main ashru aa gaye aur use aisa laga ki ab aisa hi hoga aur usko sadhana main safalata mil jayegi.  Lagta hai chotte sadhak par Ram Kripa aur Guru Kripa hone lag gayi hai.

Parmaatmaa sab par teri kripa bani rahe, Guru tau bin maange kripa karta rehta hai.  (Kuch aise suna hai)

Ram Kripa – Kab Hoti Hai

Pujya Dr. Viswamitter Ji Maharaj says we just keep on saying, Paramatma ki kripa hai, but we really don’t mean it. He adds if we really meant it, we will be constantly remembering Ram through Ram Naam Jap, simran, dhyan, etc.

Ram Kripa Kab Hoti Hai? – Ram Kripa tab hoti hai jab ham Ram main mast ho jaaye. It seems that Shree Swami Ji Maharaj has mentioned about in a dhun, “Teri buti ne masti keeti, Ram! Teri Buti ne masti keeti”. In Amritvani, Ram Kripa is mentioned several times with clarity and authority.

Pujya Maharaj JI tells us not to think of Ram Kripa when we are getting more income or some other material gains but think of Ram Kripa when our mind turns toward God. Some sadhaks report of Ram Kripa when our Gurujans appear in our dreams or in our dhyan giving us guidance and encouragement. Others report of Ram Kripa when we get inspiration to do more sadhana or get an insight on how to do serve others while taking care of our present responsibilities.

In Pravachan Piyush, Shree Swami Ji Maharaj has mentioned about appearing in a sadhaks dream and helping remove some obstacles from that sadhak’s life.

Shudh atma and Shudh Vichar, Shudh karma

Shree Swami Ji Maharaj in Pravachan Piyush mentions that we need to remind ourselves by saying, “Mai… shudh atma hoon” and also in Bhakti Prakash he has described Pavitra Bhavana.

We may remind ourselves of this and surely that helps. Listening to Pujya Dr. Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj’s pravachan it really strikes a cord that we also have to have shudh karma in our life and shudh vichar. This is not an easy practice to do in life but as advised by our loving Gurujans we must do it. We also need to remember that they have given us their blessings and Ram Naam, so we need to stay alert in all our thoughts and actions and keep them pure and honest.

We may make mistakes, not be alert all the time, but that is the whole point of sadhana. Making effort over and over again and as Pujya Maharaj Ji says, “When we make a mistake we say sorry to people in our lives … do we say sorry to Ram Ji?” We can ask Shree Ram to forgive us our mistakes and remember that our Gurujans are always with us helping us and protecting us.

Sab par Ram Kripa sada bani rahe – Guru Kripa tau bin maange hi milti rahti hai. 🙂