Bliss – Anand, a series of dialogs between two sadhaks called RRJ and EW

RRJ:  Namaste EW.  Imagine you are having Leela in your mind.

What would you like to gain from or experience from practice of Ram Naam?

EW:  Namaste.  I would like to have Anand.

RRJ:  Okay.  Remember Pujya Maharaj Ji has said…Ram hee Ma hai aur Ma hee Ram hai.  Get this feeling right now that you are sitting in Divine Mothers lap.  So pick any word that starts with or has a letter R, A, M, or N for Naam that will give you Anand or Bliss.  You can also sing a dhun or a bhajan if you like.

EW:  Ram Japo Ram Japo…Ram Japo Ram Japo

RRJ:  Now close your eyes and be still and practice Ram Naam in your mind and experience Anand.  Can you do this for a few minutes?

EW:  Yes.

After a few minutes – both of us opened the eyes and shared our experiences of feeling happier and peaceful.

EW:  I will do this for a longer period of time from now on.  This was easy and had a blissful feeling in it.

RRJ:  Swami Ji Maharaj encouraged sadhaks in this manner – While doing practice on Mala let your fingers, tongue, and ears dance to the tune of Ram with bliss or anand.

EW:  Great.  Let us do this for a few minutes.

A sense of sweet taste in the mouth along with continued anand or bliss  was flowing through us.



Dr. Vishwamitter Ji Maharaj’s discourse and Amritvani

Pujya Maharaj Ji sang a dhun roughly translated … I am receiving the bliss of life when I have received or realized King of Kings and Ram Naam.
Jeevan da mainu Anand aa gaya…

In Amritvani Swamiji Ji  Maharaj says in verse 8:
Ram Ram Jap He Mana …..

O Mind! Remember forever the Holy Words ‘Ram-Ram’ as the provider of salvation and

immortality. Also, be certain that the Lord Sri Ram is forever existent in His Name (Ram-Naam).

Dear Sadhaks, how blessed we are to have Gurujans like these, Amritvani, and Maha Mantra.

As Pujya Gurujans say these are to be practiced … Yeh karne kee cheez hai.

Our connection to One and only One Supreme Being

There is One and only one Supreme Being.  There is no use wasting our energy talking about or arguing with anyone about their faith, belief, etc, if they believe otherwise.  Since there is only One, who is the Source of all and infinite reservoir of all powers so everyone is part and parcel of it, or essentially the same as the One.  This is not our experience because in our mind we have numerous desires that keep us going in the opposite direction namely the world.  All we have to do is turn our attention inward and connect with Shree Ram.

As our Gurujan advise us, we simply need to do 0ur sadhana to make our connection stronger.  We have been given that connection in Naam Deeksha (Initiation by Sadguru).  By doing dhyan/meditation twice a day, morning and evening we can reconnect with Supreme Being.   Of course, we can do simran (remembering  The Lord), japa, and selfless service to strengthen our connection.

For those who attended or watched live webcast of USA Open Satsang, they heard this message from our Pujya Dr. Vishwamitter Ji Maharaj, with love and glow on his face.

Jai Jai Ram to all Sadhaks.


A sadhak tells about Ram Kripa, Guru Mahima and Amritvani Kripa

A sadhak after years of sadhana was getting disappointed due to little spiritual growth.  She said,

I was disappointed with not growing spiritually the way I expected to.  My behavior towards others was not getting much better either.  I could not too dhyan too well .. at the time of meditation my thoughts about the world were becoming stronger and stronger.

Somehow, I kept reciting Amritvani daily, little jap and simran, and with Ram Kripa (God’s Grace) I, once again got interested in doing sadhana with a new attitude.  I owe this to my beloved Gurujans who have sowed the seeds of Ram Nam in my innermost being and they have finally begun to sprout.  I will encourage everyone to never, never give up the sadhana no matter what happens.

Once Pujya Dr. Vishwamitter Ji Maharaj had said in his pravachan that:

Parmatma Kripa, Guru Kripa, and Granth Kripa is upon, what is missing is mun kripa (mind’s grace) and that is required.

Let us keep on practicing putting our mind towards our spiritual practice and stay closely in touch with our Gurujans in  our meditation, by listening to their pravachans, dhuns, and viewing their beautiful and blissful photos.