Dr. Vishwamitter Ji Maharaj’s discourse and Amritvani

Pujya Maharaj Ji sang a dhun roughly translated … I am receiving the bliss of life when I have received or realized King of Kings and Ram Naam.
Jeevan da mainu Anand aa gaya…

In Amritvani Swamiji Ji  Maharaj says in verse 8:
Ram Ram Jap He Mana …..

O Mind! Remember forever the Holy Words ‘Ram-Ram’ as the provider of salvation and

immortality. Also, be certain that the Lord Sri Ram is forever existent in His Name (Ram-Naam).

Dear Sadhaks, how blessed we are to have Gurujans like these, Amritvani, and Maha Mantra.

As Pujya Gurujans say these are to be practiced … Yeh karne kee cheez hai.


A sadhak tells about Ram Kripa, Guru Mahima and Amritvani Kripa

A sadhak after years of sadhana was getting disappointed due to little spiritual growth.  She said,

I was disappointed with not growing spiritually the way I expected to.  My behavior towards others was not getting much better either.  I could not too dhyan too well .. at the time of meditation my thoughts about the world were becoming stronger and stronger.

Somehow, I kept reciting Amritvani daily, little jap and simran, and with Ram Kripa (God’s Grace) I, once again got interested in doing sadhana with a new attitude.  I owe this to my beloved Gurujans who have sowed the seeds of Ram Nam in my innermost being and they have finally begun to sprout.  I will encourage everyone to never, never give up the sadhana no matter what happens.

Once Pujya Dr. Vishwamitter Ji Maharaj had said in his pravachan that:

Parmatma Kripa, Guru Kripa, and Granth Kripa is upon, what is missing is mun kripa (mind’s grace) and that is required.

Let us keep on practicing putting our mind towards our spiritual practice and stay closely in touch with our Gurujans in  our meditation, by listening to their pravachans, dhuns, and viewing their beautiful and blissful photos.

Jyot se jyot jaga de Ram

We have been given Ram Naam  through our Pujya Gurudev by Swamiji Maharaj.  He is the one received it directly from Shree Ram.

Since we have the maha-mantra and we are doing jaap, dhyan, etc. but we may not be making the progress in our sadhana the way we are capable of making.  It depends on our bhav or attitude.  To change that let us imagine every time we chant ram think about it creating a new vibration that turns into jyot.  See that jyot in your inner being and also in others.

Jagat ka jeevan jaano Ram, Jag ki jyoti jaajalayaman … (Amritvani)

This jyoti is everywhere and we must be willing to see it.  This can change our sadhana, improve our attitude toward the great mantra that we have been blessed with the grace of Lord Ram, Swamiji Maharaj, and our Gurudev.

Let us keep this jyot lit in our life by continuously adding the oil of Ram Jap into the lamp that gives knowledge of Supreme, peace, and bliss beyond our imagination.  Let us do the jap and sing dhuns and bhajans, and pray ….

Jyot se jyot jaga de Ram, Jyot se ……

Kisi se raag nahin, kisi se dwesh nahin, atma ..

Pujya Shree Dr. Vishwamitterji Maharajji sang a dhun in the Open Satsang at the end of 2009 as follows:

Kisi se raag nahin, kisi se dwesh nahin

Atma nirlep hai, kisi se klesh nahin….

Atma nirlep hai, kisi se klesh nahin.

Kisi se raag nahin, kisi se dwesh nahin

Atma anand hai, kisi se klesh nahin…

Atma anand hai, kisi se klesh nahin.

Since everyone and everything is the creation of God (Satya Mulak hai rachna sari, sarva satya Prabhu Ram Pasari – Amritvani) then there is no reason for having  raag or dwesh.

Loving the creator and His creation is the way to live according to enlightened saints and masters.  Of course, this needs to be reminded to us over and over again.  Let us make this our daily practice of reminding ourselves.  We must, if we are going to grow and walk on the path as instructed by our Gurus.

How to move forward in our devotion to God

We must keep on moving forward in our devotion to God inspite of our weakness, our sins, and our repeated mistakes.

Q.  How to do that?  The question comes to our mind, how to do that when we have so many weaknesses and we keep on making same mistakes over and over.

A.  According to our beloved Pujya Maharajji is to ask Lord Ram to forgive all our sins until now (Kshma Karo mere Ram Raghunath, Ab Tak ke Saare Apraadh – dhun sung by him in USA Open Satsang).  He adds in his pravachan elsewhere: Another way is to again and again go sit at the feet of loving devotees (Sant Mahatmas – our Gurujans are definitely them) and lose yourself in their devotion and love of God.  We are surely to come back with a positive difference and move forward in our devotion and in our life with Guru Kripa.

Listen to audio

A saadhak who has a Satguru in life is very fortunate

According to Sant Mahatmas:

To be born as a human being is a blessing which is very difficult to obtain.  Much more difficult is to have God’s blessing and to start a journey as a saadhak (devotee).  And it is extremely, extremely, extremely difficult to have a Satguru in life.

So my beloved brothers and sisters, we the saadhaks are most fortunate to have a loving Sadguru in our lives.  We are not able to live our daily lives as shown by Maharajji in Sadhana Satsang and as in Pravachan Piyush by Swamiji Maharaj.  It helps to cry in front of Ma (Divine Mother – Lord Ma) and talk to God about our weaknesses and ask for mercy and grace (kripa).

Each one of us need to wake up to the fact that, “Main shaktimayi atma hoon” (I am a powerful soul), powerful to walk on the path as shown in Sadhna Satsang and discourses given delivered by our Gurujans.  No matter how many times we get off the path we simply need to get back on it and know that our Gurujans and Shree Ram are always with us,  helping, and protecting us.

Dhanya Huva Main Satguru Paake (dhun) – watch video clip

uva Main Satguru Paake

Rome Rome Shree Ram Pukare – Happy Mahatma Gandhiji’s and PremJi Maharaj’s Birthday

Mahatma Gandhiji and PremJi Maharaj not only share the same birthday (October 2nd) – both of them were devotees of Lord Ram.  So many of Sant Mahatmas like them must have bhavana, attitude and feelings such as ” Rome Rome Shree Ram Pukare ..,” that most of us can’t even imagine.

Hum par bhi aisi kripa karo mere Ram.  Hamara rome rome bhi Shree Ram Pukare ..aisi kripa karo mere Ram.  (Bless me Lord Ram so that every atom of my being calls for Shree Ram.. yearns for Shree Ram).

Our Gurujans tell us that for this to happen we must do our practice consistently and also attend Satsangs (where Sant Mahatmas  and true devotees are present).  We need to and must go again and again and learn from Sant Mahatmas how they lead a life of selfless service, express love and devotion to God, and impart knowledge in spiritual discourses, etc.

According to Shree Swamiji Maharaj, Mahatma Gandhiji used to recite Sthitpragya Ke Lakshan (Shreemad Bhagvad Gita – second chapter) with heart at both times of his daily prayers.

We can learn from the lives of Mahatma Gandhiji and our Gurujans by following their advice and may be one day with Ram Kripa we will also be blessed with similar bhavana and bhakti.

May the following dhun sung by Maharajji evoke similar devotional feelings in us.

VIDEO CLIP – Rome Rome Shree Ram Pukare