Tears of separation from God can be healing and revealing

As Param Pujya Dr. Vishwamitter Ji Maharaj has reminded us so many times that our Sadguru Param Pujya Shree Swamiji Maharaj is blessing us when we study Shree Ramayanji.  He can show us the messages for our spiritual growth.   As we connect with each word in Shree Ramayanji with reverence we are very likely to connect with our Lord in a very personal way.

It may have happened to you while studying anyone of the Swamiji’s granth.  It so happened today that he brought out a flow of tears representing long separation from God while telling us the story of Bharatji giving back the reigns of Ayodhya to Shree Ram.   There was a feeling of healing happening in those words.  The moments that followed provided a connection with Supreme Soul beyond words can describe.  Our journey back home as a soul is Supreme soul  Shree Ram.  So lets renew our journey back with all the enthusiasm and blessings of our Sadguru Maharaj and Param Guru Jai Jai Ram.

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Mere Ram Meri Ma

Kripa Karo Mere Ram Kripa Karo

Mere Ram Tujhe Main Kaise Janoo, Kaise Pehchanoo

Na Tu Dikhta Hai, Na Tu Bolta Hai

Par Tere Naam Ka Gun-Gaaan To Teeno Lok Main Hota Hai

Suna Hai Aise Maine, Par Sunane Se Balak Santusht Nahin Hota Hai

Santo Ne Tere Naam Ki Mahima Gayee Hai

Sadguru Ne Tera Naam-Daan Diya Yeh Unki Badai Hai

Issi ko Sambhavta Prem Kahte Hain

Balak To Ma Ki Gaud Main Prem Paate Hain

Ma Apni Gaud Main Bitha Kar Krip-Rupi Dudh  Pila

Iss Dudh-Muhe Balak Ko

Apni Prem Bhari Aankhon Se Nihar Mujhe

Tujhe Bhi Aise Hi Niharoon Yeh Sikha Mujhe

Mere Ram Kripa Karo Aisi Kripa Karo

Our relationship with Shree Ram and with our Gurujans

Shree Ram is the source of life, mother of universe, source of divine love, source and infinite reservoir of all powers.  We may or may not get the bhavana or the feeling to connect with Shree Ram with love and devotion by thinking in these ways.

Let us change or add to the above – as our Gurujans suggest we can think of ourselves as a newborn divine child of Divine Mother Shree Ram.  Pujya Maharaj Ji says. “Ram hee Ma hai aur Ma hee Ram hai”.  We must not only think this way but feel that way in our minds and hearts and also totally depend on Divine Mother in every way and to purify us.  So this defines our relationship with Shree Ram from now on in the following way as the Lord puts it:

I am Love/the Divine Lover and you are my beloved children. (Parmatma Premi hai aur Hum hain uske Priyatam)

Let us evaluate our relationship with our Gurujans now.  Our Gurujans have taught us that Guru is not a body but a tattva, meaning reality or the truth or the knower of the reality or the truth.  So Guru can lead us from darkness to light, show us the path we must walk on to go towards Shree Ram, our Divine Mother.  As we know child has to walk one step or crawl or even hint that he or she wants to go toward mother and mother comes running and picks the child up.

Our relationship with Guru is one of Guru and Shishya or The Guru and disciple … a student who wants to learn and walks on the path shown by the Guru.

A path of living life filled with love of Ram Naam, with love for all, becoming a better human being, searching for lasting peace, etc.  All of that is not easy but we must walk on that path because that is the path that can take us to Shree Ram in .  To make it easier we can walk, crawl, or run towards becoming a newborn divine child.

Many Sadhaks feel that our Gurujans are also Premi or Divine Lover as Shree Ram and they have given us the love of a mother in addition to giving us Ram Naam, Discourses, and Satsangs.

They are no longer in the body but their love will always be with us.

This is our true relationship with them.  This is the relationship we can bring to the world if we so desire.  We have to make this choice…each one of us.

Loving Shree Ram – Bhavana

Shree Ram keeps on giving and forgiving.

That is love!

What can we give to Shree Ram?

As our Gurujans show us that we can have this bhavana, an attitude, that this body, mind, intellect, and everything else belongs to Lord so we give it back and ask Shree Ram to accept our offerings.

Then He gives us all back as Prasad.  Now we can use this Prasad to serve all of His children starting with our families, friends, and anyone Shree Ram brings in our life, at work, neighbors and more.

That is the love all three of our beloved Gurujans have lived.  We can take the first step today on the path they have shown us.

Bhajan and Bhakti-Bhavana – Zara aa sharan mere Ram ki…. (Just take refuge in Shree Ram) …

Swamiji Mahraj’s Amritvani begins with Sarva Shaktimate Parmatmane Sri Ramaya Namaha.  

  • Bhakt’s bhavana (attitude and feelings of devotee) here is to completely surrender to Supreme Soul, The Lord of all – taking refuge in Him, and simply dedicating life to Lord.

Zara aa sharan mere Ram ki, mera Ram Karuna nidhan hai.  (Just take refuge in Shree Ram, He is the reservoir of compassion).

  • Many devotees all around the world have expressed this in their own words that Lord is compassion-incarnate.  The ones who do including all our Sant Mahatmas, and our Param Pujya Gurujans have become just like Him – full of compassion.  We can see it in their eyes and also in their loving behavior with us.  They just like Shree Ram always are giving us and forgiving us.
  • Among few others, a great soul of our time, His Holiness Dalai Lama has also taken the message of compassion to people around the world.

We can follow in the footsteps of great souls and surrender our mind, body, wealth, intellect, and our heart to Shree Ram and lovingly take care of our responsibilities given to us as our duty with an attitude of doing service to Lord.

You are all, All is Yours, You are the sole Doer – My Ram

If our belief becomes stronger and stronger that Lord or The Creator is all, all belongs to The Lord, and Lord is the sole doer, our life will become more peaceful, blissful, and filled with love.  Once we are filled with love it is like an ocean who cannot contain the waves, they go out and touch the beach, sand, people and everything on the beach.  Similarly this divine love cannot be contained within us it will go out and touch other lives.

What does that mean?

It means that our attitude, our bhavana, our feelings towards our self and others have totally been transformed – we will be accepting people unconditionally because we see Ram in all.  We will be not serving people we will be serving Ram.  We will not argue, fight, or say bad things about anybody.  We will be able to forgive others readily and easily.

So dear sadhaks, let us surrender our self and everything we think we think is ours at the holy feet of the Lord Shree Ram and see the Lord working through us, having bhakti done through us, and doing selfless service through us, we being an instrument of the Lord,

How an Atma becomes a Mahatma

It seems like any person who has understood that he or she is an Atma, a Shudh Atma is getting closer to closer to Parmatma.  Furthermore, the history of such people who have bonded with Parmatma in a loving relationship like Mother or Ma, then Parmatma treats them differently – meaning not according to their karmas but the way Parmatma wants to run their life.

Communicating with Lord Ma like a new born or a very young baby, one begins communing with the Lord.  Then the Lord Ma drops the “Lord: and loves the baby like a mother who is so attached to the baby.

This so called baby becomes a Mahatma, a Sant or Saint, and we have seen or heard of few of these  Sant-Mahatmas whose relationship with Parmatma was of a small child and mother.

Many of the readers may be aware of Ramakrishna Parmahansa and our own Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj, Prem Ji Maharaj, and Dr. Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj have had the same relationship and bhavana.

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