An inspired poem about Shree Ram … Grateful to beloved Gurujans

Please click the link below to hear the audio of this poem (recorded on smart phone and linked to with tag shreeraminspired).

This poem was inspired by reading Swami Ji Maharaj’s prayers in Bhakti Prakash and listening to them from Pujya Dr. Maharaj Ji in satsang and his discourses recorded on Shreeramsharnam’s website.

Of course by Param Guru Jai Jai Ram who is the real doer.


Immerse in Divine Nectar

Ram Ram Shree Ram Jap
Data Amrit Bhog (Amritvani ..35)

We do Ram Jaap then why don’t we taste Divine nectar.  Swamiji Ji Maharaj clearly mentions this.

Sant-Mahatma share with us that we are so much into sansaar bhog …worldly pleasures and that is one of the reasons keeping us away  from Divine nectar.

What are some of the other reasons you have heard about from Gurujans?

Dr. Vishwamitter Ji Maharaj’s discourse and Amritvani

Pujya Maharaj Ji sang a dhun roughly translated … I am receiving the bliss of life when I have received or realized King of Kings and Ram Naam.
Jeevan da mainu Anand aa gaya…

In Amritvani Swamiji Ji  Maharaj says in verse 8:
Ram Ram Jap He Mana …..

O Mind! Remember forever the Holy Words ‘Ram-Ram’ as the provider of salvation and

immortality. Also, be certain that the Lord Sri Ram is forever existent in His Name (Ram-Naam).

Dear Sadhaks, how blessed we are to have Gurujans like these, Amritvani, and Maha Mantra.

As Pujya Gurujans say these are to be practiced … Yeh karne kee cheez hai.

Honoring and Living with our Guru/Gurujans – in Hindi and English

A Sadhak shares messages from Pujya Shree Swami Ji Maharaj and Amritvani, Pujya Shree Dr. Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj (click here or the link below) and his Pravachans in which he once said how  Pujya Shree Prem Ji Maharaj used to visit him in the college and shared a bottle of milk with love – always giving more that half (this is not mentioned in the link below).

Bhajan and Bhakti-Bhavana – Zara aa sharan mere Ram ki…. (Just take refuge in Shree Ram) …

Swamiji Mahraj’s Amritvani begins with Sarva Shaktimate Parmatmane Sri Ramaya Namaha.  

  • Bhakt’s bhavana (attitude and feelings of devotee) here is to completely surrender to Supreme Soul, The Lord of all – taking refuge in Him, and simply dedicating life to Lord.

Zara aa sharan mere Ram ki, mera Ram Karuna nidhan hai.  (Just take refuge in Shree Ram, He is the reservoir of compassion).

  • Many devotees all around the world have expressed this in their own words that Lord is compassion-incarnate.  The ones who do including all our Sant Mahatmas, and our Param Pujya Gurujans have become just like Him – full of compassion.  We can see it in their eyes and also in their loving behavior with us.  They just like Shree Ram always are giving us and forgiving us.
  • Among few others, a great soul of our time, His Holiness Dalai Lama has also taken the message of compassion to people around the world.

We can follow in the footsteps of great souls and surrender our mind, body, wealth, intellect, and our heart to Shree Ram and lovingly take care of our responsibilities given to us as our duty with an attitude of doing service to Lord.

A sadhak tells about Ram Kripa, Guru Mahima and Amritvani Kripa

A sadhak after years of sadhana was getting disappointed due to little spiritual growth.  She said,

I was disappointed with not growing spiritually the way I expected to.  My behavior towards others was not getting much better either.  I could not too dhyan too well .. at the time of meditation my thoughts about the world were becoming stronger and stronger.

Somehow, I kept reciting Amritvani daily, little jap and simran, and with Ram Kripa (God’s Grace) I, once again got interested in doing sadhana with a new attitude.  I owe this to my beloved Gurujans who have sowed the seeds of Ram Nam in my innermost being and they have finally begun to sprout.  I will encourage everyone to never, never give up the sadhana no matter what happens.

Once Pujya Dr. Vishwamitter Ji Maharaj had said in his pravachan that:

Parmatma Kripa, Guru Kripa, and Granth Kripa is upon, what is missing is mun kripa (mind’s grace) and that is required.

Let us keep on practicing putting our mind towards our spiritual practice and stay closely in touch with our Gurujans in  our meditation, by listening to their pravachans, dhuns, and viewing their beautiful and blissful photos.