Bring Mind in line … Teachings of our Gurujans

Dear Spiritual Seekers,
Let us bring our mind in line with the teachings of  our Gurujans.
Pujya Maharaj Ji in one of is discourses said that we have grace of the Lord, scriptures, and saint souls.  To succeed in our spiritual practice we need to also have grace of the mind. 
Let us commit all of our mind and visualize that we will be successful in our spiritual practice.
Let’s continue to focus the mind again and again on this worthwhile goal.
Swamiji Maharaj says in Bhakti Prakash that if you have succeeded in your mind you will succeed and if you have failed in your mind you have already failed.

Let’s use all the methods shown to us by our Gurujans to bring the mind in line and pray to Lord Shree Ram for His grace.


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