Loving Shree Ram – Bhavana

Shree Ram keeps on giving and forgiving.

That is love!

What can we give to Shree Ram?

As our Gurujans show us that we can have this bhavana, an attitude, that this body, mind, intellect, and everything else belongs to Lord so we give it back and ask Shree Ram to accept our offerings.

Then He gives us all back as Prasad.  Now we can use this Prasad to serve all of His children starting with our families, friends, and anyone Shree Ram brings in our life, at work, neighbors and more.

That is the love all three of our beloved Gurujans have lived.  We can take the first step today on the path they have shown us.


One thought on “Loving Shree Ram – Bhavana

  1. Beautiful, Thank you for the message, it is most inspiring. I also listen to our dear Guruji’s old videos on the Ram Sharnam website and founds lots and lots of deeply inspiring, loving and very interesting pravachans and dhuns etc. One where Hanumanji visits a gathering where a katha is being told by dearest Swami Satyanandji about the color of flowers at Ashok vatika is most interesting. That video is dated 11 July 2010.
    Enjoy & Best wishes.
    Ram Ram Ram Ram

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