Video of Jal Samadhi of Param Pujya Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj

This link is working again.  Video was withdrawn earlier by Shreeramsharnam for editing.


7 thoughts on “Video of Jal Samadhi of Param Pujya Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj

  1. I saw the video. I was saddened to see it. Just 8 months ago (November 2011) i had been to Haridwar sadhna satsang including Neel dhara. Guruji hugged each one of us at the sadhna satsang. The whole atmosphere was spiritually charged and strict discipline was to be followed. Now when i remember those moments, i feel sad but also extremely fortunate. I am getting married this month (July 2012) and we were looking forward to Guruji’s darshan & blessing. That was not to be! But i know his blessings are always with all of us. Each time i do naam jaap or Amritvani paath, i know i am closer to him..and that brings some peace. Each time i listen to his older Pravachans on ram sharnam website, it gives me peace, inspiration & courage. It will be great to have all of Guruji’s pravachans, bhajans / dhuns on one single DVD / CD. Ram Ram

  2. This reminds of Pujya Maharaj Ji saying,”Shubh avam mangal kamnaye, Shubh avam……. “. Doing Amritvani Paath at least two times a day is a great recommendation He made to improve our life along with incessant Ram Japa. Several times he mentioned if we have any problem, do Amritvani Paath to five times a day for forty days and He gave example of sadhaks in Jhabua, M.P. who have pledged to (many have already done) do 2.5 crores Ram Japa.

  3. True. Doing jaap with bhaav is important, not just mechanically.
    Although 2.5 crore is important, at one point Guruji also said:

    “Apno se hisaab kaisa?!”

    (such a profoundly beautiful thing to say)

    Hats off to the wonderful people of Jhabua, may we all too be inspired to do likewise.
    I look forward to Haridwar / Dehradoon trip in next 10 days.
    : – )

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