Shishya (Disciples) Keep Guru Alive

Guru never dies, shishya keep the Guru alive by living the Guru’s teachings.  This is what Maharajji has said more than once.

Pujyya Shree Maharajji’s body was immersed in Neel Dhara, Haridwar on July 3rd, 2012 at 6:00 pm (IST).

Today is the day after Guru Purnima:

Now it is up to us individually to take at least one lesson

he has taught us and bring that into our life.

 What will be that for you?  

My personal favorite is on how to give up a negative habit.

In his discourse, Maharaji suggests that we can give up the habit for one day and then extend the same for another day and so on.  He also tells us that mind needs to be totally cleansed and surrendered to Lord.

Best wishes to all sadhaks.  

Ram Ram Ji.


5 thoughts on “Shishya (Disciples) Keep Guru Alive

  1. Ram Ram Ji. Just listened to Maharaj Ji’s pravachan yesterday that mentioned – Ram Ram japte huey Ram ki yaad aaye, sansar ki nahin. (While doing Ram Japa we need to think about Shree Ram, Supreme Being, and not about the world).

    Shree dr. Vishwa mitter Maharaj ji will always be remembered and be in my heart!!
    Love you!

  3. Dr. Shree vishwa mitter Maharaj ji: vada kijiye aaj se ram ram japenge and Ab aapki Shaadi humne ramji se karwa di hai.
    Me: sitting in the hall in pennsylvania almost started crying about what Maharaj ji asked for something so small( to jap ram ram ram) as many times I could everyday. As a 21 year old I have only believed in dr. Mitter Maharaj ji truly who had made me believe in ramji. I had more to learn from you.
    Ram ram ram ram….

  4. Thank you for conveying your thoughts and feelings about Pujya Maharaj Ji who delivered the most valuable messages with utmost simplicity while touching our hearts and minds.
    Ram Ram Ji.

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