Bhajan and Bhakti-Bhavana – Zara aa sharan mere Ram ki…. (Just take refuge in Shree Ram) …

Swamiji Mahraj’s Amritvani begins with Sarva Shaktimate Parmatmane Sri Ramaya Namaha.  

  • Bhakt’s bhavana (attitude and feelings of devotee) here is to completely surrender to Supreme Soul, The Lord of all – taking refuge in Him, and simply dedicating life to Lord.

Zara aa sharan mere Ram ki, mera Ram Karuna nidhan hai.  (Just take refuge in Shree Ram, He is the reservoir of compassion).

  • Many devotees all around the world have expressed this in their own words that Lord is compassion-incarnate.  The ones who do including all our Sant Mahatmas, and our Param Pujya Gurujans have become just like Him – full of compassion.  We can see it in their eyes and also in their loving behavior with us.  They just like Shree Ram always are giving us and forgiving us.
  • Among few others, a great soul of our time, His Holiness Dalai Lama has also taken the message of compassion to people around the world.

We can follow in the footsteps of great souls and surrender our mind, body, wealth, intellect, and our heart to Shree Ram and lovingly take care of our responsibilities given to us as our duty with an attitude of doing service to Lord.


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