You are all, All is Yours, You are the sole Doer – My Ram

If our belief becomes stronger and stronger that Lord or The Creator is all, all belongs to The Lord, and Lord is the sole doer, our life will become more peaceful, blissful, and filled with love.  Once we are filled with love it is like an ocean who cannot contain the waves, they go out and touch the beach, sand, people and everything on the beach.  Similarly this divine love cannot be contained within us it will go out and touch other lives.

What does that mean?

It means that our attitude, our bhavana, our feelings towards our self and others have totally been transformed – we will be accepting people unconditionally because we see Ram in all.  We will be not serving people we will be serving Ram.  We will not argue, fight, or say bad things about anybody.  We will be able to forgive others readily and easily.

So dear sadhaks, let us surrender our self and everything we think we think is ours at the holy feet of the Lord Shree Ram and see the Lord working through us, having bhakti done through us, and doing selfless service through us, we being an instrument of the Lord,


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