Letter to Swamiji Maharaj from sadhaks

Param Pujya Swamiji Maharaj,

As you know all the Shreeram Sharnam Ashrams celebrated your birthday with jap, bhajans, and dhyan, etc. this month.

Swamiji Maharaj,  in the worldly traditions people give gifts to the person on their birthday but Parmatma Shree Ram has given us the gift of your birth to us.

Now we ask you to please give us the buddhi so that we can give our self (apna aap hi de dein) to you as a gift to you or to Parmatma.  Well, it is one and the same as our beloved Dr. Vishwamitterji Maharaj says,

Sant aur Parmatma dou nahin hai – woh tou ek ho gaye hain (Saint-Soul and Supreme Soul are not two – they have become One).  Sant-Mahatma say that …To love God is to love all.

Swamiji Maharaj, we ask you in just the opposite of worldly tradition, that you bless us with another gift –  the gift of Naam Pyar so that our love for Shree Ram and our Gurujans keeps on multiplying by leaps and bounds – and that be expressed in our behaviors with all people.




2 thoughts on “Letter to Swamiji Maharaj from sadhaks

  1. Swamiji maharaj, I want your blessings ,love and acute Bhakti on your birthday, I live in uk and miss ramsharnam a lot .we have
    Started a little group in Wolverhampton and we do
    Amritvani path every week. Please swami ji bless our group to become a little Ramsharnam with all the love and affection for each other. My ram ram and parnam to everybody.

  2. Please swami ji remove all our obstacles away from our path of amritvani .apni Krupa banaay rakhna on our group of amritvani.
    my Namaskar and ram ram .please show us the way,give us the
    Courage and do it for us.

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