Maryada main rehana sadhana ke liye labhdayak – Living with self-discipline is beneficial for spiritual growth

Shree Ram Chandra is called Maryada Purshottam.  He is the best role model there is to emulate even though it is not easy, on the other hand it is extremely difficult to be like Him.  Yet we must move towards that by constantly being vigilant over our mind and senses.  They can be our downfall.

As our loving gurujans suggest that we need to be eating less, talking less, sleeping less, and have less sensual enjoyment – that is the place to start.  One by one by can do this in reducing it a little bit daily.

Bhagwad Gita gives the same message that meditation is not for those who do eat a lot and who do starve themselves, the ones who do sleep a lot and who do not sleep at all, etc.

Now the question we must ask ourselves, “where do I need to start or what area do I need more discipline?”

This answer will definitely guide you on your spiritual journey.

With Ram Kripa and Guru Kripa, and a little effort on your part of  Amritvani paath, Jap-simran, Dhyan, and some selfless service , you will blossom into your divinity.


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