We may surrender to Shree Ram – but is our surrender accepted?

Our loving gurujans tell us that Shree Ram knows our heart just like a mother knows her child.  If we do not mean to surrender completely our surrender is not accepted.  So until then what do we do with our Bhakti?

Well, like anything else we need to simply continue our practice of jap, simran, an dhyan with complete devotion and cry for our Divine Mother Ram to accept our surrender.   As beloved Maharajji say we must cry for Her Love like a new born child and cry more and more.  One day She will accept her as beloved divine child.  Her nature is to love.  Shree Ram says that I only know how to love and all of you are my beloved.

So it is our turn to show the real love by doing our sadhana with the attitude of utmost respect and love for our Divine Mother.


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