Jyot se jyot jaga de Ram

We have been given Ram Naam  through our Pujya Gurudev by Swamiji Maharaj.  He is the one received it directly from Shree Ram.

Since we have the maha-mantra and we are doing jaap, dhyan, etc. but we may not be making the progress in our sadhana the way we are capable of making.  It depends on our bhav or attitude.  To change that let us imagine every time we chant ram think about it creating a new vibration that turns into jyot.  See that jyot in your inner being and also in others.

Jagat ka jeevan jaano Ram, Jag ki jyoti jaajalayaman … (Amritvani)

This jyoti is everywhere and we must be willing to see it.  This can change our sadhana, improve our attitude toward the great mantra that we have been blessed with the grace of Lord Ram, Swamiji Maharaj, and our Gurudev.

Let us keep this jyot lit in our life by continuously adding the oil of Ram Jap into the lamp that gives knowledge of Supreme, peace, and bliss beyond our imagination.  Let us do the jap and sing dhuns and bhajans, and pray ….

Jyot se jyot jaga de Ram, Jyot se ……


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