Ram Naam ka Charanamrit peejiye – Partake Divine Nectar of Ram Naam

Imagine “Ra” and “M” two holy feet (charan) of Lord Ram and let the sound ruminate in your innermost being.  Taste the sweetness of this sound (do bhajanam).   At first we may not taste the sweet divine nectar because we are filled with thoughts and desires of the world still.  Keep on chanting Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram … with an attitude that your inner mind is being cleansed as Shree Swamiji Maharaj says in the Valmiki Ramayansaar (Page 592, verse 6)

रा, मुख से उचारते , पाप बही सब जाये

फिर भीतर आवे नहीं , म, कपाट हो जाये


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