Impure mind and Ram Naam

Everyone at one time or another has had impure thoughts in their mind and everyone has a potential to reach the highest.  Looking inward we will find our mind is or has been full of impure thoughts.

As Sant Kabir says:

Bura jo dekhan main chala, bura na milaya koye

Jo man khoja apna, tau mujhse bura na koye.

This morning the following thought came in mind while doing dhyan:

Jitna bhi ho man kala

Ram Naam usme kar dega ujaala

(No matter how impure the mind is Ram Naam can make it pure)

Fellow spiritual aspirants it seems that our Gurujans. other Sant-Mahatmas, and Param Guru Shree Ram are not only telling us about that but they guarantee that Ram Naam can enlighten us.  So let us listen to our beloved Gurujans and do more and more Jaap, Simran, Dhyan, and Seva whenever possible and attend Satsangs at Shreeramsharnam to receive more and more Ram Kripa and Guru Kripa.

Jai Jai Ram.


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