Energizing our practice – learning from Amritvani and Bhakti Prakash

As a curious child who is just beginning to learn from an accomplished teacher, we can learn from our Gurujans while having a bhavana of a child, as our Gurujans have demonstrated in their relationship with Lord Ma.

Priye! Prabhu ke naam ko, bhaj le dhar kar dhyan

Avsar manav janam ka,  chintamani sam jaan.   (Bhakti Prakash – Man ko Probodhan – page 172 -10)

Shree Swamiji Maharaj says in Amritvani ….

Manka hai Ram Naam ka aisa, chinta-mani paaras-mani jaisa.

Let us restart our lives, energize it with Ram Naam from today onwards with an attitude of a young child doing with love and enthusiasm.


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