Praying to Lord – never make me a big person

Pujya Maharajji’s mentioned in his pravachan that Shree Swamiji Maharaj has left us with some work  – to become like a child.  He then adds that we should pray to Parmaatma that may I never become a big person.

With our practice as shown by our Gurujans and with the power of Ram Naam we can take an attitude of a witness (chaitanaya bhav),  giving up the notion that … I am the body.   By surrendering all the fruits of the action to Lord (before we begin each action as Bhagvad Gita teaches us) because we are not really the doers – without the inspiration of Lord and the energy provided by Shree Ram (source of all powers), how can we do anything.

(Shree Hanumanji said the same thing when he was praised for burning the Lanka Nagri)

When we practice this over and over again we will be reminded of the fact that we really don’t do anything and that “Lord is the sole doer”.  In this manner, we will become more and more humble.  With this humility in us it may become a little easier for us to be a small person – even a child, at least in relationship to our Divine Mother.

We can extend this practice to every human being because to love Ram is to love everyone.  Once again it is not easy to do so but it is also not impossible as shown by so many people before us and some who are among us.

Like anything worthwhile it takes some practice for a long, long time but with the Ram Kripa it can happen sooner than we think, so always have hope and faith in Shree Ram and Ram Naam, an invaluable diamond given to us by our beloved Gurujans.  “Cash” this diamond and be spiritually rich – that is the only wealth we can take with us.

Click here to listen to pravachans.

Jai Shree Ram.


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