How an uninitiated person was helped during a medical treatment

An uninitiated person was given an Amritvani booklet with Swamiji Maharaj’s picture on the front and asked to say Ram Ram during a medical treatment.  Following are that person’s words after the treatment:

“Just wanted you to know that you and your Guru (and mantra) were very helpful during my root canal procedure on Friday – no pain at all!  Of course, I had some shots – but they had to leave out one ingredient and the doctor wasn’t sure if it would be enough analgesic without that ingredient – guess he didn’t know I had a Guru in my pocket…”

This could serve as a reminder to all of us who are initiated sadhaks to do our practice with steadfast faith.  It is no surprise that grace of Shree Ram and Guru is with us – “Ram Naam Mud Mangalkari, Kasht Hare Sab Paatakhari”  (as mentioned in the Pravachan Piyush).

Ram Ram


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