How to surrender to God

According to Pujya Maharajji:

(The following is only an understanding of this sadhak, who needs more and more of this practice.  Corrections and comments are welcome.)

According to Pujya Maharajji, everyone says to surrender to God, but they do not tell us how to do it.  He shows us the way:   Paramatma (Supreme Soul) Sri Ram … This  body, wealth, intellect, and mind .. they are all yours,  all the actions done with mind, body, speech, and sense organs (due to lust, greed, anger, jealousy, etc.) , teri vastu hai  – yours (English?)… Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram.

Shree Swamiji Maharaj clarifies about God and how to surrender to God in Amritvani:


I bow before Sri Ram, who is vested with all powers!

I bow before the source and reservoir of all powers!

I bow and seek shelter with the Supreme Soul, Sri Ram!

I dedicate and surrender myself unto Him!

‘Parmaatmaa’: The Supreme soul.


4 thoughts on “How to surrender to God

  1. only strong people can surrender to Lord. Weak people can not.

    It may look absurd, but it is truely so.

    Na ayam atma balheenen labhyo………. Balheen surrenders to maya.

    swkarmna tbhyarchyam sidhim vindti manavah…………Gita

  2. So right – only strong ones can surrender.

    According to Sant-Mahatmas these two ways can help one become strong:

    1. Nirbal ke bal Ram – Weak can become stronger by practicing Ram-Nam, especially when initiated from a realized soul.
    2. Practicing self-discipline in every day life. Talking less and doing more Jap, Simran, and Dhyan. Eating less, sleeping less, and less enjoyment of sensual pleasures.

    Easier said than done. But we must strive everyday.

    Jai Jai Ram

    • it must be understood very clearly that this nirbal context used is not the one which fits in this case. It is case of gajraj who was already a bhakt shiromani………he was left with a mild rajas and it talks of that.
      your second point is where weakness can not help. this is where strength is needed. One needs a very strong will to tread this path.
      eating less, sleeping less and enjoying less is hath yoga and it is a treat to read katha prakash to see what param pujya pad shri swami ji maharaj says about these three things…….
      the way of life is described in sthitpragya ke lakshan, bhakti aur bhakt ke lakshan and upasak ka aantrik jeevan. let us all see what HE writes there. anything that is not as per swami ji’s writings, does not fit in. all the things and ways may be correct but as far as HIS path is concerned, HIS word is the final word…. Om sahnaavatu. sah nau bhunaktuh………Om shanti.shanti shanti….

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