Connection – Raja Janak in Bhakti Prakash and Pravachan

In Bhakti Prakash and in all his granths Shree Swamiji Maharaj’s probably touches hearts of many sadhaks.

In Janak Gyan:

When Guru Yagavalkaya asks Raja Janak to give him his mind as dakshina he agrees. Then Raja Janak says that Vaasanas are still there in the mind and his mind is unstable, etc.

Guru replies,”This daan/dakshina is not complete – now that mind is mine …. be careful of any paap karam and do your duties”

This also is mentioned by our gurujans in their pravachans that we do not fully surrender our mind to Shree Ram, once the mind is surrendered totally, there is not much else left to surrender.


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