Kartavya Karm main galti na ho – Kaise

Hum baar -baar yeh galti karte hain ki hamara dhyan karm ke phal par laga rehta hai. Aisi galti karne se hum sum ho kar karm nahin karte.

In Bhagavadgita, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna (as per Swamiji Maharaj’s translation):

Karm hi main (kartavya paalan karne main hi) tera adhikar hai, karm se utpan huye phalo main (tera adhikar) kadachit bhi nahin hai.

Yeh galti kaise band hogi?

  1. Bhagavadgita dhyan se pade aur aachar main laayen
  2. Simran karain (Ram Naam Bahut pyara Naam hai)
  3. Nishkam bhav se seva karain.
  4. Paramaatmaa ki kripa mangain
  5. Satsang main jaayen (Sat purush/Sant ke paas)

9 thoughts on “Kartavya Karm main galti na ho – Kaise

  1. Swamiji Maharaj says in Amritvani:

    Ram Ram Shree Ram Vichar,
    Maaniye Uttam Manglachar.
    Ram Ram Man Mukh Se Gana,
    Maano Madhur Manorath Pana.

    Baar Baar galat vicharo ke badle Ram ke vichar, Ram ka simran karna aur Sant-Mahatma ki sharan mein rehna, satsang mein jana, Ram Kripa ka mahadan mangana ….aise hamare Gurujan samjhate hain.

  2. Dear Sadhak ji,

    It is the grace of our Maharajji that you have given such a vast collection of pravachans.

    I am very glad to see them.

    It is a manifestation of the words of Pujya Swami ji Maharaj in “Dharam Ke Lakshan” wherein he says ” Charcha Gyan se Budhi Badana”

    I thank you for your efforts.

    Wish to meet you at Delhi Shree Ram Sharnam, whenever you come for Satsangs.


    Jai Jai RAM


    • You are right – it is only due to the grace of Maharajji, we are able to do anything worthwhile. We are so fortunate to have such great Sant-Mahatmas in our lives and their gifts of their life’s work.

      With Prabhu Ram’s wish, it will be good to be present in Satsang together with you while Maharaj’s loving presence, encouragement, and blessings with us.

      Jai Jai Ram

  3. Jai Jai Ram ji,

    Good efforts, Nice to see a well structured category wise content placed by you.

    I think you should display your full identity in this site, may be complete contact deails will help others contacting you.

  4. Jai Jai Ram ji,

    All credit need to go our Gurujans and Lord. Information provided is only to serve as a reminder to us to and way to hear back from learned sadhaks who have experienced spiritual fruits of their sadhana which is only possible through grace of Guru and God.

  5. Actually we find that most people wanting to lead do not have courage to owe up responsibility. This is why they hide their utterances behind the veil of annonimity. They do not want to owe up what they say. Being answerable directly and not from behind a shield is the correct way.

    Do no mind ” funnyr yaar” …………this paradox is really funny but very normal in today’s world……………

  6. Very good point. It is funny how this all got started. There are two important points I must share with the readers:

    1. In the beginning I felt like remaining anonymous because lot more inner work was required (and probably it will continue).

    2. After a while, several people wanted to contact me but my inner guidance told me that they should contact their Guru or follow the path shown by the Gurujans, read Granths, and do their practice. I am not qualified in any way.

    I don’t know what is the best thing to do at this point …may Prabhu Ram guide me and all of us in this matter.

  7. Jab apni hasti ko hi mitaa dena hai to phir yeh identity disclosure par zid kyon?

    Ham hain hi kyaa sivay Prabhu ke ansh? Therefore, please try & follow “funnyr yaar”‘s guidance notes (which he has proferred with so much humility).

    Sabhi Par Raam Kripa Bani Rahe……

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