This may be of help to Sadhaks – Lessons and inspirations

As Pujya Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj (Pujya Maharaj JI) says that Sab Ram Karta Hai – Lord is the sole doer, keeping that in mind Shree Ram made it clear this morning to this child that Satsangati and Sankirtan are very important for every Sadhak. As mentioned by Pujya Maharaj JI in one of his discourses of Naarad Bhakti that to have Sanyam, Sadaachar, Seva, and Simran in our lives we must have Satsangati – or association of Sant Mahatma, Satpurush, Sadguru, etc.

Sadhaks must have faith that the Satsangati and Sankirtan will definitely help us lead a life of self-discipline and self-control over our negative habits and behaviors, in addition to that we will have the opportunity to serve others with nishkam bhav or desiring no fruit of our actions, and last but not least the Simran …. Ram Naam Jap with love, devotion, and feeling of connectedness to Paramatma Shree Ram.

In Bhakti Prakash reading yesterday, a message from Swami Ji Maharaj was crystal clear – that is to simply surrender to Shree Ram and even forget about Sakaam or Nishkam Karma. That is the same thing mentioned in his Gita Saar and also Pujya Maharaj Ji mentions that in one of his discourse … Lord Krishna telling Arjuna that Chhor sab ye Karmyog, Gyanyog, Bhaktiyog, aur sab yog, meri sharan mein aa ja, Arjun tera aur mera ghar ek hai. (Lord Krishna,”Arjun, leave all the paths of yoga such as Karma Yoga, Gyan Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, simply surrender to me and know that your home/abode and my home/abode is one and the same”) 🙂

For those of us who can’t be with our Sant Mahatmas in person for any reason, distance or lack of physical health, we can simply remember what Pujya Maharaj Ji told us at the time of diksha that our Gurujans are always protecting us and helping us in our sadhana. So we can simply choose to do Sankirtan and Simran while feeling that our Gurujans are with us, I believe this will help us become better human beings and our sadhana will progress with Ram Kripa and with Guru Kripa.

Please let others Sadahaks know of your understanding, experiences, and thoughts about same or similar subjects. It will also help me if you add a comment below.

Jai Jai Ram.


8 thoughts on “This may be of help to Sadhaks – Lessons and inspirations

  1. It is well documented in ” Bhakti Prakash” that it is not correct to say that Ram is doer.

    If you accept so then there is no solution for anything………
    It is weak to say so that He does.

  2. About surrender, the meaning of surrender is mostly misunderstood. Swami ji says that this world is real. He does not accept the common surrender of escapists that we see all around.

    swami ji believes in Gita where Arjuna was taught to surrender his weakness and escapism and not the duties and discrimination.

  3. Thank you so much for shedding light on these topics and bringing clarity.
    Purushaarth is important, we have to make an effort using our body, mind, and intellect. Dev Daya, Savshakti, Satpurush are all important for spiritual growth (as mentioned in Amritvani).

  4. i think bhakti lies in faith and belief in your guru – as far as i am concerned,i have never seen God,u can only feel Him but i have seen and felt my guru.dont have fith in your guru,that is not suffice,have blind faith in Him,and then see what miracles u see.dont have any doubts,ifs and buts,in ur mind,just follow,without using ur brain.this is the crux

  5. Swami ji maharaj says………kisi ko adyapak banne ka adhikar hai………..yadi koi manushya aur parmeshwar ke beech mein khada hota hai to vo asur hai…….

    ……..manav kehna iish,
    panthon ke pinjde pade, poojte na jagdish.

    let us all pray to develop value for the words of swami ji maharaj good enough to be implemented.

    when we worship man whic means world…………..we get only world………God is not acieved by intellect or pravachan

  6. Well said.

    As Sant Mahatma’s tell us there is no substitute for Sadhna. Reminding ourselves of Shree Swamiji Maharaj’s instructions and putting them in daily life .. that is it! – our Sadguru has shown us the way.

  7. किसी आदमी को अध्यापक बनने का अधिकार है, परमेश्वर बनने का नहीं. यदि वह ईश्वर बनता है तो वह अपराधी होता है. जो लोग उनको ऐसा समझते हैं उनकी प्रगति रूक जाती है और वे संसार तक ही रह जाते हैं, क्योंकि उन्होंने संसार को ही आगे रखा है.

    जब कोई महात्मा, चाहे वह कितना ही बड़ा हो, यदि परमात्मा और मनुष्य के मध्य में खड़ा हो जाए तो सेमेटिक मत के अनुसार वह असुर बन जाता है. उसकी पदवी गिर जाती है

    • SAdguru is like a stair or a connection between man and God which is called avtar.It keeps us on the right path that ultimately reaches to Him.He/She helps pushing us from five thieves i.e. kam,krodh,moh,lobh and abhiman.How will it hamper the progress.

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