How to do self-study of Srimadbhagavadgita

In his translation of Shreemadbhagavadgeeta , Shree Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj tells us how to study it to get most benefit out of it – study with one-pointed mind and spend more time understanding it’s meaning. Every student should have the attitude and feeling that I am Arjuna and all my negative qualities of sins, mistakes, not wanting to my duty, my weaknesses can be eradicated by Shree Krishna’s teachings.

…… Lord Krishna is waking the eternal aspect of my pure soul and He is reminding me of my pure consciousness. Lord Krishna is inspiring, encouraging, and motivating me to be free of laziness and do my natural duties with even-mindedness.

…. I am the beloved student and devotee of Lord Krishna. With these higher and noble thoughts every student of Gita becomes recipient of Lord’s grace and the essence of Gita’s teaching gets imbibed in the student.

Lord himself says, ” To study Gita, listening to it, and reading it to others is Gyan-Yagya and I am worshiped by that.”

Shree Swami JI Maharaj tells that every student of Gita should be faithful, full of devotion, and with a serious attitude read Gita and worship Lord in this way. With this attitude, devotion, and feeling, knowledge of Gita will come as light in the heart of the student.

We are so lucky and blessed with Swami Ji Maharaj’s translation of Gita and his love for Hindi language.


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