In Meditation – Seeking help from guru

Pujya Maharaj Ji told us at the time of initiation that Swami Ji Maharaj and Prem Ji Maharaj are always with us helping us in our spiritual practice and protecting us.

The other day in meditation I asked for their help and Pujya Maharaj JI’s voice was heard saying “Galat kaam karna band kar do – kitna dukh hota hoga Swami Ji Maharaj ko” (Stop doing things that are not conducive to spiritual life – Swami Ji Maharaj must be feeling the pain seeing me do that). Every day I pray that I only do righteous actions and when I am not able to do so I ask for forgiveness.

The lesson here is that we must make an effort to control our actions, speech, and thoughts.

Pujya Maharaj Ji says in one of his discourse: we may not succeed in our efforts to do that but we must not lose hope.


One thought on “In Meditation – Seeking help from guru

  1. The systematic way to do less mistakes is to start the practice of Sthitpagya ke lakshan as described in detail by swami ji and then go on ensure Bhakt ke lakshan being reflected in life.

    Although these are part of Gita, he wrote two special granths only for the purpose emphasising the special importance to follow these. This is essential part of systematic path shown by Shri swami ji maharaj.

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