Don’t use force with loved ones – Valmiki Ramayan Saar

This message was loud and clear about not using force with loved ones while reading this morning in Valmiki Ramayan Saar by Shree Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj.

Kaushalya (Ram’s mother) and Laxman are upset about Prince Ram having to go to live like an ascetic in a jungle instead of being crowned as a king. Laxman suggests using force and giving Ram his right to the kingdom. Ram replies it is not the fault of my mother Kakeyi or my father Dashrath (he is simply keeping his promise given to Kakeyi) and we should not use force with family members. Family members are our loved ones and they should be loved and respected. Ram happily accepts Kakeyi’s wish and as always treats her like his mother Kaushalaya.

There is so much we can learn from the life of Ram. Applying what we learn at least one thing a day and then extending it for a week, for a month, and then for the rest of our life is suggested in their discourses and advice given by our loving gurus and teachers – Swami Ji Maharaj, Shree Prem JI Maharaj, and Pujya Dr. Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj.

How lucky and blessed are we for having such a heritage, culture, and most of all having loving Sant and Mahatmas (Saints and Great souls) in our lives who have blessed us with Ram Naam.


3 thoughts on “Don’t use force with loved ones – Valmiki Ramayan Saar

  1. And Lord Krishna taught the whole Gita to Arjun to fight and kill his loved ones whom he wanted not to kill.

    The message has been misunderstood. Kindly find the correct meaning from that paragraph in Ramayan.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement to understand the correct meaning. Let all readers understand Kripacharyaji’s comments and study the scriptures deeply.
    The message of Lord Krishna is quite clear – asking Arjuna to do his duty. The message of Ram to uphold Dashrath’s vachan teaches us about a son’s duty.

  3. the duty ordained on us like the duty of Son, father, Citizen, professional, or of a neighbour and so on are the Niyat karm.
    And while doing them one has to offer these as worship of Lord………this is what Gita says—swakarmnatabhyarchaya sidhim vindati manavah……….and Ramayan means no different.

    The paragraph of Ramamayan there talks of “Daiv” and at a few more places in AyodhyaKaand, Shri Swami ji Maharaj has shed light on this.

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